Straight Talk with Greg

Greg is at it again. On this page you will find several videos, mainly of a Christian teaching philosophy, as are most of my printed books and essays. The videos are produced in a fashion that you can sit and view as a video presentation with sounds, video images and underscore musical embellishments. As a lifelong professional musician Greg spent most of his adult life in the recording industry producing, writing, and arranging records, radio and TV commercials, and a few film scoring projects. Greg has reached a point in life where he wants to use all his many life experiences in order to bring to you a message of salvation. It is Christ that he believes. That is his personal choice. His messages are Christian in nature but geared toward all people of God’s creation. If you are a Christian you will love his messages and if not, perhaps you might want to listen to see if there is anything in it worthy of learning. This is not something that is for sale, it is free to anyone that wishes to listen. Selah!

Straight Talk with Charley

Charley is a character created by Greg along with his production partner, Hiroshi Upshur. He is a computer-generated voice of a young child who is wiser than his years. Charley speaks very clearly about issues that children face in this world. He speaks very wisely through the mind of a child. He is pals with his creator, Greg. They share comic interchanges for time to time. Charley has his own channel thanks to Greg. It is also posted on YouTube. Although the series is written by Greg, Charley seem to have taken on his own personality. You will notice his progression through each video. Charley speaks for the children of the world and is a bit confused that adults don’t seem to always practice what they teach, or preach. Charley talks about the past, present and the future of not only the children but of the planet and about God. This series was created especially for children. Hopefully this series will continue and grow more with time. Charley loves Christ as well because He cares about the little children and protects them from harm. Charley wishes that all people would act more Christ-like and this world would be a much better place for all people to live. Selah!