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As a writer with a ferocious writing appetite I would like to share things of interest to me that might be interesting to you as well. Throughout our natural lives we face many challenges from numerous sources. How we deal with them matters to God so it should matter to us. In this blog I will share my thoughts and opinions of the “stuff” we have to deal with in hopes it might help you stay focused upon the grand prize. The salvation of your immortal soul is at hand.

Thanks to all my readers of Pearls of Wisdom Blog

By Greg Middleton | November 8, 2020

Sorry, I neglected you over time, but I was so busy writing and creating that I spent so little time responding to the ones that I actually reached. I am not sure what happened but all of a sudden it appears that my essays…

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He Might Not Give You What You Want

By Greg Middleton | November 1, 2020

Back home we used to say, “Our God might not give us what we want but He (sho-nuff) sure enough give us what we need.” I personally didn’t agree with that statement when I was younger, not really because I wanted what I wanted…

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I Love The Lord and He Loves Me

By Greg Middleton | October 25, 2020

I have a brother in Christ and Bible Study friend that uses a similar statement that I will borrow from him. He says, “I love the ladies and the ladies love me.” Our group consists of over a dozen or so males, all up…

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What is God Seeing in Us Right Now?

By Greg Middleton | October 18, 2020

I know that I cannot speak for God and neither will I attempt to do so. God is quite capable of speaking for Himself in His own Word. If you want to see the view from God’s perspective read His Word, which will last…

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God IS Great All the Time

By Greg Middleton | August 16, 2020

Until you get there you are not there. Even though I grew up in a home that believed in God, as I child I only did what I was told and I believed as I was taught to believe. If my parents had taught…

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The Things We Do

By Greg Middleton | August 5, 2020

I wanted to accept this blame only on myself but I have a feeling that it applies to many of you as well. One of my favorite writers of all time is the Apostle Paul who wrote several chapters of the New Testament in…

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The Narrow Gates and Wide Roads

By Greg Middleton | July 13, 2020

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow is the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”…

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Does God Have A Hand in What’s Happening with the World

By Greg Middleton | June 4, 2020

Most people would consider this to be a rhetorical question but that depends upon whether or not they believe in a Divine God. Unbelievers think the universe just evolved with life and coming about all on its own power. If they only knew how…

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The Wide and Popular Roads

By Greg Middleton | April 29, 2020

I think it is our basic nature to follow the popular road and to want to be with the “in-crowd.” People who are eccentric are considered weird and Lord knows we do not want to be even considered strange. However, being weird or strange…

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All About YOU Dear Lord

By Greg Middleton | April 22, 2020

I called out unto the Lord He heard my cry He lifted my soul up into the heavens To see what I wanted. Words did not come to me For I knew not what to ask There are no words to explain Our quest…

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