Part of who we are is associated with what we do, which means accepting the realization that we are members of a much larger body. We are a body of believers in Christ, therefore we do not stand alone. We have help in each other. Yet if we do not ask… how can we be answered; if we do not seek… how can we find; and if we do not knock… how can we expect the doors to be opened for us.

In order for me to spread my messages of hope and faith it requires financing. I am a self-publisher. Each book that I publish has to be financed. If you feel that my messages are worthy of spreading I would greatly appreciate any donation you are willing to make. My faith and belief in God has taken me to this point and it will be through the will of God that my works will reach the destination they were intended.

My role is to make myself a willing servant and allow the Spirit that is of God to spread the message to whomever He wishes to reach. If the Spirit inspires you then may sow a seed here and allow that same Spirit to water the seed to make it grow and produce fruit. Even though I might not be a perfect messenger, I am one committed to serving God’s kingdom to the best of my abilities. You can help me do just that! Thanks for your consideration.