Greg Middleton

Greg E. Middleton - a product of the old segregated south. Born and raised in Memphis Tennessee in 1949 when the south was still segregated along racial lines. Segregation was enforced by the law so there was nothing you could do but adhere to the law or face persecution, even death! Growing up in such an environment influenced my beliefs and made me bitter for years. Thankfully my guardians believed in the Bible and taught it to me during those turbulent years. The seeds they planted in me as a child gradually began to sprout roots over time, but the fruit growing in me may have been severely tainted.

In 1968 I attended Memphis State University majoring in Music Education. Only a few blacks attended the university when I enrolled. We got the cold treatment letting us know that we were not welcomed in their school. It was during my college years (1968-1972) when the Civil Rights Movement was in full swing. My desire to acquire a college degree was laced with constant protest fighting against a corrupted system of hate. Because of this I packed my bags and left my hometown shortly after graduation moving to Southern California.

From the mid 1970s through the early 1990s I worked as a professional musician. Bass guitar was my chosen instrument but I also worked as a composer of commercials, records, and a few movie soundtracks. I traveled around the world through my music career working with a number of well-known artists of the late sixties, seventies and early eighties. This allowed me to see an entirely different picture of humanity other than the one revealed to me during my early childhood. It also exposed to a world of sinful opportunities a well. Yes, I sinned big time!

In 1984 I got married, had a child with my wife Cynthia and decided that it was time for a career change in order to provide stability for my new family. I began to transition into real estate, licensed in 1989, shortly after the birth of our daughter Rachelle. Through the nineties and early 2000s I worked as a fairly successful real estate sales person.

I started writing in 1999 out of a need to journal my soul search. Turning fifty I experienced mid-life crisis. I did not feel comfortable with my relationship with God so I began a search in order bring religious integrity back into my life. That search lead to writing dozens of books about spirituality and religion. My writing was the result reading dozens of books on numerous subjects. The Bible became one of my most visited and most studied books over several decades.

Even though I never took any formal theological studies, I loved bible study groups. All the while I never felt very comfortable with joining the established traditional church. I was not a churchgoer growing up but instead my guardians had a practice of reading and studying the Bible. I adopted their practice as I entered my early adult years. Whenever I wanted to feel religious I would just open my Bible and read. My grandmother taught me a lot about the Bible so it was not foreign to me. Over the years I have always returned to it and find comfort because of the many years of familiarity I have studying this resource.

From the life that I have experienced I feel that I have a lot to say about many things but especially a message of faith and hope. Our youth so desperately need our assistance. Without us older people I fear the younger generations will not be able to find God. If any of my works help just one person then God’s kingdom will be served.

I love God and I am still learning how to appreciate my fellow man. The hatred that engulfed my heart from those dark days of my youth is slowly fading. With the help of God, through Christ Jesus I get better day-by-day. Even though I have love in my heart the cobwebs of the past still linger in my mind. I am made better through Christ, praise God! Perhaps some of you can relate to my journey of hope and struggle with faith. I’m learning that we can’t fix what was broken in us, but we do have a Helper that is quite capable. I yield to that power! This is what I write about. Selah!