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Rivers of Living Waters

There are times when the Lord will give me a Word straight out of the Holy Scriptures where I needed to transfer out into the world in order to write it. But, there are other times when the situations and circumstances of life will run me into the Word where the storage bins are kept.…

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Father, You Know Me

  Father, You know me too well, You know when I lie down You know when I arise You hem me in from afar.   You knew me in my mother’s womb Before the world was formed you knew me even then. For who am I to stand up against You? And for what purpose…

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It’s My Prerogative

I remember an R&B song by Bobby Brown using this title. When I start quoting Bobby Brown the world must be upside down but Bobby really did his “thang” back in the days. Upon reviewing the song’s message it was sort of about what I am talking about here but used in a slightly different…

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