Pearls of Wisdom

pearl1This is not a book that requires reading from cover to cover. In fact it is best appreciated when you select a title from the table of contents that catches your attention and read only that particular essay.

When you look at a pearl necklace, you will note there are individual stones that are connected by a single string. Each stone is unique and precious. This book, “Pearls of Wisdom is similar. It is written in essay style. Each essay is independent of each other. The only common string is that of spirituality. It takes spiritual topics and discusses them in conversational style making it easy to read and understand.

The wisdom comes from quotes from the Bible or just practical ways of dealing with life using spiritual measures. This is a book for the night stand that will nourish you, the reader, for years to come. It is available for a limited time only. It is a hardcover book that was eloquently bound and beautifully packaged.

Pearl of Wisdom

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