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As a writer with a ferocious writing appetite I would like to share things of interest to me that might be interesting to you as well. Throughout our natural lives we face many challenges from numerous sources. How we deal with them matters to God so it should matter to us. In this blog I will share my thoughts and opinions of the “stuff” we have to deal with in hopes it might help you stay focused upon the grand prize. The salvation of your immortal soul is at hand.

The Venue of our birth

By Greg Middleton | December 2, 2019

How many people believe that a person chooses the venue of their birth? That would entail that somehow a person born in poverty or any adverse position would have made that choice prior to being born? How many of you would blame people for…

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God’s Will

By Greg Middleton | November 24, 2019

From the outset I need to state that I consider myself to be an opinion writer and especially regarding this subject, my opinions are only intended to assist others in formulating their own understanding of such a complicated topic. Before I dig deep into…

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Truth Telling

By Greg Middleton | November 22, 2019

For those of you that do not understand this title it means simply to tell the truth. I wrote a similar title previous called, “Telling it is as it is.” For many reasons most of us shy away from telling the real truth for…

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The Spirit and the mind

By Greg Middleton | November 17, 2019

I am convinced that God is constantly moving through our lives directing us toward His ultimate perfected plan for us. He is constantly allowing us to learn from the countless situation and circumstances that we face daily when we are willing to seek His…

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A Place without God

By Greg Middleton | November 4, 2019

I had a lot of things on my mind this morning so I welcomed my time being alone with the Lord walking in the darkness. I was sensing the weight of many things spiraling in my spiritual hemisphere. Such inexplicable things would usually be…

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By Greg Middleton | November 3, 2019

As recorded in the gospel of Mark, a concerned father whose son was possessed by a mute spirit asked Christ to heal his son. Christ said that all things were possible if you believe. The father replied: “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!” Mark…

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By Greg Middleton | November 2, 2019

Among Christians this name has become synonymous with betrayal or treason. A person that commit such acts is known as a “Judas.” According to the gospel of Mark, Judas Iscariot turned over our Lord Jesus Christ to the Sanhedrin in the Garden of Gethsemane…

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A Sinner’s Lament

By Greg Middleton | October 28, 2019

Dear Lord, guide my thoughts, my mind, and my heart. Take my hand and lead me in the path that I must go to serve You. Let me not move about aimlessly as a feather trapped in a gushing torrent of the winds. This…

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The False Narrative, USA

By Greg Middleton | October 20, 2019

Even though the truth shall set you free, one must always be cognizant of the toxic atmosphere we’re experiencing. Yes, some of my views are based upon my realties and facts in evidence, still others will disagree, especially when my views might be considered…

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A peek through the veil…

By Greg Middleton | October 18, 2019

Preface: To write about such a subject one must be extremely prayerful. Likewise to use the Word of God in order to formulate your opinion places one out on a limb with God. Even though I am like a kid anxious to open his…

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