As a writer it is my sincere hope that my Creator uses me to accomplish His divine will; whenever and however He chooses. I wish to become the best servant possible within my capabilities. I realize the Spirit that lives within me does the Godly things. My goal is to decrease my carnal desires as much as possible so the Spirit may increase.

When I write my books, essays, and blogs, I pray that my message gets to whomever it was intended to reach. For I fully realize that my Creator formed me to use for His purposes, I simply want to give back to Him what was entrusted to me.

Although I have experimented with writing about different subject matters, I seem to always gravitate to things that are spiritual. It appears to be my Christian upbringing that shapes my basic moral values. I know it is the Spirit of Christ who compels me to do as I do, and to be as I am.

As a seeker I try to open myself to the light of truth and allow it to do the work  It commands. With my genuine willingness the Spirit  works through me.  My only mission is to do God’s work. My written work is my ministry. My mission is to be a loyal and devoted servant of God.