Living Christianity Synopsis

livingMany people call themselves a Christian, but have no idea what that means. If you are not living a life as  taught by Christ, are you really a Christian. This book talks about what it means to be a true Christian. If you are not living it… you are not a “true” Christian.

Just being raised in an environment where most  people you know call themselves a Christian does not make you one. In my life I only knew what others had taught me so I thought I was what they were, a true Christian. Little did I know that I had to do something that  confirmed my faith before I could actually assume the title of a “follower of Christ.”

Once I started my attempt at “walking the walk,” I found it much tougher than I had anticipated. At times I thought, “Why try?” I was doing fine without all those strict rules and regulations so why would anyone want to punish themselves and become something that appears so unnatural to how they were conditioned as a human beings?

After going through many trials and tribulations, including much pain and suffering, I found out that following Christ was much more than what meets the eye. It requires surrendering much of what you thought you knew. I actually had to go through a renewing of everything I though was precious and adopt a new way of being. It took a while to see the benefits, but now I know what Christ was teaching. If you are serious about your faith you will have to pick up your cross and follow Him. Are you willing to do that.

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