Food for the Soul

foodJust as you would not abstain from feeding your body over long periods of time; neither should you abstain from feeding your soul. In “Food for the Soul,” Greg E. Middleton neatly packages vital nutrients that your soul needs to thrive.

For many people the Holy Bible can be very difficult to digest therefore much of its valuable lessons go undigested. In this book Middleton takes a few of the precious lessons written in the Bible and explain them in a straight-forward, conversational narrative.

Whether you are a seasoned Christian or anyone seeking a greater understanding of the Holy Bible, this book may assist you. It is God’s written word made easier to understand. We call this food for the soul because it is what your inner being needs in order to grow ever closer to the Creator. When you hear the truth is will set you free. Not understanding what you were hearing may have kept you from an appreciation of the written Bible. See if this book helps!

Food For The Soul

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