Poetic Spiritual

Father, You Know Me

  Father, You know me too well, You know when I lie down You know when I arise You hem me in from afar.   You knew me in my mother’s womb Before the world was formed you knew me even then. For who am I to stand up against You? And for what purpose…

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Where are You Dear Lord

In the comfort of my dreams it is as though I can reach up and touch your face. Even though I cannot see You, I can feel your presence right next to me. Why do my mind play such tricks on me… why show me something that I cannot have? Wouldn’t I be better off…

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An Invitation from God

I am here, I am God, I see you, I know you and, I made you. Though you are not pure, holy, sacred, or even righteous, I am still your God and I want you to be redeemed and further sanctified back to Me. I offer to you a means of returning to the position…

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