New Book Excerpt

God’s Assignments

While returning from one of my study group meetings the Spirit brought this topic to mind. Prior to my acceptance of the Lord as my Savior I would often wonder why some people tend to have so much and others had little to nothing at all. That would appear to be so unfair. If you…

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I See You – I C U

There is this line in a popular movie, the Avatar, where the native inhabitants would greet each other with the phrase, “I see you.” It is such a deep statement while yet so simple. It says that I recognize your existence, your presence, your being, and your connection to the Source; I see your challenges…

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Living Christianity

This is the title of one of my books that I published years ago. It is also a challenge to all who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Once you accept Christ as Lord that should mean something to you. It should compel you to change your lifestyle reflecting the teachings of…

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