Real Men

Real men cover

Real Men, What’s Happening with our Males? – This book was written to males specifically dealing with male issues. It addresses a very serious shift in the dynamics between males and females.  Men are no longer the undisputed kings of the hill. Women are finally gaining power, access and equality. They are outperforming males in many categories due to higher education and job-training skills. With a rise of absentee fatherhood females are forced to step up and become the heads of households, mainly out of necessity. In this new age women are not as dependent upon males. They are empowered and equipped to take the lead, or share it with a capable counterpart. This is a trend and a a realization that society needs to make adjustments. Perhaps it is time for a woman’s touch in running things rather than the warrior male dominating methods of the past. Regardless, this is a phenomenon that needs discussion.