Living Christianity


Many people call themselves a “Christian” and for the most part truly believe that is what they are. However when it comes to actually living by the teachings of Christ – that becomes a different matter. In this book Middleton talks very straight forwardly about what it actually takes to live the Christian life according to what Christ taught. Christians are required to live to a higher moral standard than the world holds. Things you did while living under the power of sin are no longer acceptable. Using the power of the Holy Spirit we transcend our sin nature and become a new creation reshaped in the likeness of Christ. He (the Holy Spirit) will chastise you when you stray into darkness and embrace you when you require godly assistance (grace). This book is biblically based along with scriptural references. It will challenge you to raise your bar of expectation for yourself. The author asks that you stop trying to be a Christian but instead to become one. Live the Christian life. Walk the Christian walk.