Thanks to all my readers of Pearls of Wisdom Blog

Sorry, I neglected you over time, but I was so busy writing and creating that I spent so little time responding to the ones that I actually reached. I am not sure what happened but all of a sudden it appears that my essays are being read. To you who commented on my works, I really appreciate your kind words. There are many predators on sites such as mine that wants to sell a product or encourage me to participate in what they have to offer. I have nothing against people attempting to sell whatever they are promoting but I do not do what I do for profit. I only wish to serve my God in any way possible and to be true to what I believe. I hope not to offend others but just in case I do, I sincerely apologize to those I might have unintentionally offended. I only wish to leave you as unharmed as possible and wish you well out there doing the things you do. You have my blessings to be you, no matter what that is.

I will continue to write as long as I am inspired by the Spirit that lives in me. If God decides to leave this body then I no longer wish to write, but as long as He says continue, that I will do. I am learning how to put my essays in a video format with my spoken words along with visual embellishments and musical accomplishments, my life-long profession. At this stage, I only wish to use everything I learned in the world to use for the God that I love.

I have a YouTube channel called, Straight Talk with Greg Middleton. If you find me there I think it will be worth your time. My webmaster is in the progress of making a page here on this website that will allow you to stay here and watch my podcasts and video presentations doing the same thing that I was attempting to do through my written essays. I do believe this is how the Lord wanted to expand upon what we were doing for Him. To God be the glory and thank each and every one of you that lifted me up with your warm and sincere comments.

Thank you so much for caring enough to leave your comments. Selah!