I Love The Lord and He Loves Me

I have a brother in Christ and Bible Study friend that uses a similar statement that I will borrow from him. He says, “I love the ladies and the ladies love me.” Our group consists of over a dozen or so males, all up in years. We are mostly retirees who still remember our days past. When you get a group of males together that old locker room talk will usually come out. Even though we are believers of Christ as Lord, we still have fun talking about what we might have done back in the not-too-olden-days. Thankfully we are “all talk” with no bark now because the Lord has penetrated into our hearts, minds, and now into these old bodies that no longer work the way they used to. Today we truly love the Lord, we seriously study His word quite frequently, and we know that He loves us back. That is how it works. If you abide in Me, I will abide in you, says the Lord. John 15.

Christ goes on to tell us that He is the vine and we are His branches. We cannot produce good fruit if we are not connected to His vine. All good comes from God so if we want to produce the good in the world, we must remain connected to the vine otherwise our branches are cut off and thrown in the fire, worthless to Almighty God.

The 15th chapter of the Book of John is a great chapter to read that tells us who and what we are if we indeed believe in the Lord and wish to serve God. Not everyone has made that commitment at this stage of life. I know what unbelief is like because there was a time when I spoke about God, but I was not fully in as far as respecting and loving God. I was taught about God, but my ways, thoughts, acts, and deeds did not totally reflect what I knew was right.

Like my brothers in my bible study group, we knew about God but for some reason, something did not snap in place. We were loose branches and not really producing good fruit. Fortunately for each one of us, God knew us and tolerated our defiance and disobedience knowing that a day would come when we would become older men and become faithful branches capable of producing much fruit. He knew that we would be meeting frequently talking about Him and what He has done to bring us back into the flock. Not one of us feel worthy because we know of our past, but it is not about being worthy because that is not the measure that God uses.

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Romans 3:23 Scripture goes on to tell is that it is by the grace of God that we are redeemed and justified through Christ Jesus. He let us that God’s measure is not based upon how good we are but instead upon the fact that we have been redeemed through Christ. It was not something that we did to save ourselves but what God did to offer redemption to us if we desired it. Perhaps age had something to do with it but until you are ready to receive what God offers your branches will remain disconnected from the vine. That is simply how it works. It is also a choice that one must make. Although hope remains possible for anyone as long as they have the breath of life in them. Only the Lord knows what is coming down the pipeline of life therefore remaining disconnected from the vine creates uncertainty that can be totally hazardous to the fate of your immortal soul. Perhaps that does not mean a lot to some now, but trust me, every knee will have to bow before God and tell Him why they chose to remain outside, disconnected from His vine.

When I say that I love the Lord and I know that He loves me, I do not say this as boasting or bragging. I do not say this to make others jealous or think more highly of me than they ought because I know just how unworthy I am personally. It is not just me that God loves but the covering that I have. Having accepted the Lord as my Savior gives me His covering. When God sees me today, He sees my covering. These are things that I did not understand when I was younger. It was not just during the days of my youth but also during much of my adult years. I did not understand the significance of Christ. Most of us do not totally understand it until God opens the eyes of our understanding once we are ready to receive Him. It is God, through the Holy Spirit that comes in and makes a home in us that confirms the love that the Father has for those who love Him. There is nothing that can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus. Romans 8:39. So it is not my word that I boast about but God’s word that has penetrated my heart and lets me know that the Lord loves me.

Once you reach a point in life when God is important to you then you simply need to reach out and ask the Lord to come into your life and He will come. In fact, you cannot be denied if you truly desire to know God. He says, “Ask and you shall be answered.” “Seek and you shall find.” “Knock and the doors will be opened to you.” That is a promise from Almighty God. There is nothing in this life or the next that can disavow a promise made by God: a promise from the Creator to those of whom He created. Thank God it did not require a tragedy to convince me to reach out and seek the Lord. That is one of the dangers of remaining disconnected from the vine. Some people require more drastic measures before they would even consider reaching out to the Lord. It’s not God that causes such things, but He knows what is coming down the pipeline and stands ready for even the stubborn ones when they are ready for Him.

I will boast about the people that God placed in my life that made it possible for me to know God. I pray that others might have people in their lives that are willing to share the good news about God because once the door is cracked just a little God will extend His hand to those who belong to Him. Christ said that He would not lose even one that God sends to Him. That is another promise that you can rely upon. He also said that no one could come to Him unless the Father draws them near. John 6:44. Even a simple message as this one could be how the Father draws some to Him. The ones that have the light of God in them need only shine their light to lead the way to the Lord and He that does the saving once they are connected to the vine.

So yes, I love the Lord and I know that the Lord loves me, but I am not alone. I have brothers and sisters all around the world that can boast this as well. We carry the light of truth that is the Holy Spirit in us. Our job is to allow the light in us to shine ever so brightly that others would want to know about it. We don’t have to be pulpit ministers but ordinary citizens that God has saved from where they were. If God can save sinners like us, then you know that saving is possible. It is not sinners that does the saving, it is the Lord. God draws them near through us and then the Lord will not lose even one that the Father draws near.

I pray that this message will reach someone out there that the Father is drawing near at this very moment. Reach out to the Lord while He is near. He will open the door for you.