God IS Great All the Time

Until you get there you are not there. Even though I grew up in a home that believed in God, as I child I only did what I was told and I believed as I was taught to believe. If my parents had taught me that an eagle was God soaring in the sky, I would have accepted that as my truth. When someone says that God is good all the time that sounds like a great catchy statement but until you are there you don’t really know what that means.

A lot of what we are is based upon what we were taught to believe. As a child, you have no way to measure things without some wisdom from which to pull. We are almost like empty cups that you pour knowledge into. You can pour poison into the cup or you can pour in pure godly wisdom. We know that poison kills while godly wisdom is the stuff that makes up the universe. However, until you really get to know God as an experience it is just surface talk, but it does contain the possibility to lead you to the place where wisdom is stored.

My blessing from God was the fact that I was born into a household that believed in God. My elders did all they could to imprint God into my life. What I did with that knowledge was up to me. They planted the seed in me and at one point along the way, someone else had to come along and water that seed so it would sprout roots. There were others sent to feed that seed with godly nutriments so it could grow into a free-standing plant of its own growing branches and eventually producing good godly fruit. I know this because it happened to me before I knew what was happening. This is thanks to the power of God Who was there for me before I knew what was happening. Like I said, I was blessed in the beginning because God knew my story before my birth. Because of that, my role is to give back to God what He gave to me so others might gain what as did I. For me, God is most certainly great all the time.

It is good to be able to be interactive with the Spirit of God. This is not something that comes without study, prayer, and even meditation on the Word of God. God actually speaks to us in our native tongue through the living Word of God. When I sat to start writing this essay God was sending me something to experience that was the exact thing I was to write about. Even though I know God communicates with us, proving that to others is not something that I can express in words.

Just moments ago, a cousin of mine called me to let me know that one of our elders was ill. I immediately paused right in my tracks to attend to the situation by calling my elder. God used me to speak directly to her. While speaking to her the Spirit was speaking to me in reference to this very topic that I was to write. Had I not been able to hear what the Spirit was delivering it would have been just another conversation with a loved one. However, now that a door has been opened between my heart and God, He appears to interact with me quite often. I suppose that is due to the fact that I am currently eager to listen and eager to learn. God opens the door to the eyes of my understanding so I could trust and even know Him. Yes, for me, God is Great all the time.

As I was meditating moments ago out under the open sky, I was given a revelation that is worth sharing. The thought came to me about God, being God all the time. His guiding light is always shining into our lives. It never shuts down but, in a way, we cloud our own view of God. It is like a water hose attached to a faucet that is turned on but there is a twist in the hose that keeps the water from freely flowing. We, through our minds, are the twists that keep the flow from freely coming through because the faucet is always on coming from God. Until we reach the point of knowing this about God, we will forever have that twist in the water hose preventing the flow of God from fully coming through our lives. God showed me this example as I stood under the open sky in the dark of night praying and praising Him. God has always been there for us, but we need to find a way to untwist restriction in the hose so His offerings can freely come through us. That flow is always available to those who love God and seek His divine guidance. Yes, God IS Great all the time.

Recently I wrote about how we are to know and thereby communicate with God. We tend to want a relationship similar to how human beings relate to one another. Although that is possible in a way it is impossible in another way. God is not a person that we should treat Him accordingly. God is superior to all things human. To try and place God in such a lowly position is really an insult, lack of a better term of explaining this dichotomy. Human beings are way down here and God is way up there. There is no comparison between the two, other than what God allows.

God wants to share with us even more than we know but in order to receive what God has to offer, it must be done in reverence to God. That means we must humble ourselves before God. It means we must come to Him with an open heart and hand rather than a closed fist. It means that we must rightfully and willingly humble ourselves to the power that IS GOD. Only in doing so are we are able to receive what God has to offer to us. You really can’t know this until you are ready to become humbled. At such times the Spirit flows into our hearts confirming just how great God is all the time. His flow never stops. It is eternally there all the time. We simply need to step into His light that is always shining. God IS Great all the time!

I hear this catchy phrase people use almost as a reaction like saying hello back once spoken to. It is well and good that you can repeat a phrase, but do you really know and believe just how Great God really IS. Just as a suggestion why not go into prayer and ask God to open the eyes of your understanding so He can reveal just how open and humble you are. Do you have any twists in the water hose that might be restricting His flow? When you open your heart and are willing to receive, He will open the door and allow you to peek inside. If you are truly ready you will know that humility is a requirement.

Do you remember when He told Moses to take off his sandals because he was standing on Holy ground? Even Moses who was born to fulfill his role in freeing God’s people out of Egypt and writing much of the first five books of our Old Testament, he had to become humbled in order to receive what God wanted to share with the entire nation of Israel at that point in history. What more do you think we need to become humbled in this God-forsaken land of today? Yes, God is Great all the time, but we must become humbled all the time in order to receive what God desires to offer to us.

Do what you do as unto the Lord. I thought I was done with this essay but another revelation came to me that I thought worth sharing here rather than writing a new essay. I saw something that needed to be done that was not mine to do so I wanted to show that person that they should be doing this thing. When I looked at the chore the Lord convicted me this way. Since I was looking at the chore and knew it was something that needed to be done and I actually had the time to do this thing, why was I waiting to do something that was needed? It was because I wanted to show off someone or show them that they were somehow inadequate.

The Lord showed me that since it was needed to be done why not do it for the Lord because He is the one watching and ultimately the only One that is keeping score. In doing what needed to be done I did it happily for the Lord with no need to show up this person. Two great results happened in the process: the thing that needed to be done got done and the Lord appreciated that I did something for Him, so it was a win-win with no losers. If and when the Lord wishes to teach the person that was “negligent” in doing something that will be on the Lord’s terms. Why was I trying to get in God’s lane?

Wow, when you are open to learning the Lord is ready to teach. When the pupil is ready the learn the Teacher always shows up. God is Great all the time! Now I can say that with conviction, not as a catchy phrase, but out of the breath of my heart.

I invite all to get to know God in a very intimate and personal way, not from man to man, woman to woman, or child to child, but instead from God to the ones that He created to be the objects of His unsearchable everlasting affections. God is Great All the time! I know that to be my truth… Selah! Amen!