The Wide and Popular Roads

I think it is our basic nature to follow the popular road and to want to be with the “in-crowd.” People who are eccentric are considered weird and Lord knows we do not want to be even considered strange. However, being weird or strange is not always a bad quality. A lot of eccentric people are our gifted artists and geniuses. They walk out there alone not always caring what people think of them because they are comfortable in their own skin. When you are good at something and know it you tend not to worry about what is popular or not.

As I write and post my essays it appears that people like to read things that have an edge to them. Politics get a lot of reads, sexual identity, crime, gossip, and “he said – she said” sort of things attract readers. This entire trend of social media and reality shows is what got our President elected. People like that tough-guy persona. He really doesn’t have to be tough but only put on that appearance. I have a feeling that he is really not all that tough just by looking at him. The real tough people rarely talk this one can’t shut his mouth! Their silence is what makes them so frightening. People with a running motor mouth usually have to keep on talking in order to convince others that they’re tough. Nah! But, people are so easily fooled because they are the ones following the popular paths. I guess if you are not comfortable at being yourself you look for someone else to imitate. What a shame! What a waste of God-given talent!

Normally this wouldn’t be such a big deal because as long as no one gets hurt, then what is the harm? If someone wants to live in a fantasy world then to each his or her own. I suppose it only matters when everyone is willing to follow people that are going nowhere. They are headed in a path of doom and destruction and the ones without a path of their own will continue to follow the leaders no matter where they lead simply because they have no path of their own. This trend is most troublesome when it comes to our youth.

“For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” Matthew 7:13-14

I am not sure which generation we are on now, GENX, or what but it appears that most of them is so stuck on social media and almost any kind of media that allows them not to think for themselves. They’d rather watch something that has been carefully produced just to lead them into an addictive path that gets them hooked on what the producers are selling. Reality television has tons of followers. Violent games have tons of players. Our children and grandchildren are hooked on their smart gadgets from the moment they awaken until they fall asleep. That would be good if they were studying how to become a self-sufficient godly person or how to achieve success in life, but the info they watch is all designed to get them addicted to what the producers are selling, which is only successful for the producers. That wide road does not usually lead to a successful life.

Normally you might think it is a breakdown of the family structure because the parents are not teaching their young how to become successful. The reason being is that the parents are just as stuck on what is popular as is their children. No one seems to want to be out of reach of their smart gadgets for just a few hours at a time. Their entire world is attached to what is trending the highest. Does anyone care that the entire world seems to be falling apart? Just who is leading us at the head of the pack? If you don’t know who is in control then you are already on the hook of the powers that are in charge and subject to whelms that they decide as they reel you in. On the other hand, those eccentric and weird people do not tend to follow such wide roads. They have their own agendas and could care less about following anyone else down a destructive pathway. In fact, they are usually highly intuitive so they tend to see such things from miles away. They are the ones that usually cry out from the dessert alarming the people to stay off the roads that lead to destruction but no one will listen to weirdoes or strange people.

So who are the ones in today’s society that are considered weird or strange? I have heard of a term called “Jesus freaks.” I have heard of a term called “goodie-two-shoes.” I have heard of terms called snitches. I have heard of a term called geeks. I have heard of a term called religious zealots. I have heard of a term called smartelics.

Well, if loving and being a follower of Jesus is weird then count me as a really weird person and even call me strange if you like. If being good is a bad thing then I guess I fall in that pile of junk also. I really wouldn’t be called a geek because I am really not all that smart. If reporting things such are crimes or unlawful behavior to the authorities is a bad thing I guess you might as well throw me in that junk pile as well. And finally if believing in God, worshipping God, praising God, and doing all I can to act and live a godly life is a religious zealot then I am all in as well.

We call my very good buddy henpecked and he always responds; “look at the hen that is pecking me.” After some consideration, I guess I am a little more comfortable on the weird and eccentric side rather than on the side that follows the leaders on the road to destruction. I am more convinced that this world like things that are popular. They follow the desires of the flesh and that is not a good choice. I choose to follow the road that our Lord mentions in Matthew: 7:13-14 Selah!