All About YOU Dear Lord

I called out unto the Lord

He heard my cry

He lifted my soul up into the heavens

To see what I wanted.

Words did not come to me

For I knew not what to ask

There are no words to explain

Our quest to seek His approval

What can I ask of the Most High God?

What is it that I have that isn’t already His?

All I would like to do is to empty myself

And ask that He refill me in the ways of the Lord.

This world born me from out of the dirt

There is nothing righteous about me.

YOU want us to be holy because YOU are holy

But flesh made from dirt can never be pure.

To start may I ask for a pure and clean heart?

That I may know YOU and be drawn towards YOU

Give me the eyes of the Spirit that I may see only YOU

Close my ears that only hear the call of wickedness.

Remove anything in me that wars against YOU

Everything that YOU desire of me put it in me

And Father while YOU are at it please give me a new mind

The one that I have has long been corrupted by this world.

I don’t know why these words are coming out from me

How can I know what to ask of YOU when I do not know YOU?

Perhaps I should start this request all over again anew

Father, may I know YOU in ways that make me only obedient to YOU?

Please make me all about YOU… Selah!