Blatant Disregard and Disrespect for others

It really cooks my goose when I see people thumb their nose at laws and rules that are set up for the common good of others. Right at this very moment, we are facing a worldwide crisis that requires all the people to abide by certain restrictions that are for the common welfare of the population. If all people would abide by the restrictions it would be of benefit to all but there are certain people who feel as though rules and restrictions do not apply to them so they just blatantly ignore them. You wonder what causes some to be like that while the overwhelming majority of the people follow the restrictions even though they are unhappy about being restricted.

When I thought about it further I guess that is why we have criminals of all kinds. We have white-collar criminals, blue-collar criminals, religious criminals, deviant criminals, annoying criminals, disgusting criminals, and just your ordinary rule breakers that do not believe in obeying the rules established by society. God has rules also and most of us break many of His rules. This does not make it right or even acceptable to be a law or rule breaker. In fact, these are disgusting individuals but what do you suppose is in the minds of those who blatantly break laws and rules with no consideration for others? Do they feel that they are somehow exempt from the stated restrictions or do they just don’t care that others might be harmed because of their actions or inactions?

It usually takes a while for many people to get in line once told that they must make a sacrifice for the good of others. At first, the consequences are not as severe because it comes as a nice request for people to do something against their will. When people do not respond to niceties it rises to the level of a strong request, then on until it gets to be a command. Yet, people of a certain kind will ignore each of these because some just don’t care about others. They care only about themselves and what they wish to do when they want to do it, and that is final to them. Unless consequences are placed before them chances are they will keep on doing what they do until they have to pay. That brings up another part of the equation, which is compensation or lack thereof. If there is no cost of doing wrong then many will continue doing what they do.

What is the cost of doing good? What is the payment received for doing the right and decent things? We know that God loves people who do the right things but the rewards are usually stored up in heaven… not down here on earth where you can cash in and pay your bills. Since people cannot connect right-living with the compensation they are usually not as motivated to do things. However, there is a breed that eagerly does good and righteous things simply because it is the right thing to do for no reward at all… not even the expectations of receiving one. These are usually godly people who only want to receive their heavenly rewards and are willing to forego any compensation down here on earth. God loves them and they will receive their just reward from God.

Now let’s reverse that! What is the payment received for doing what is unrighteous and indecent? If there are no seen consequences… the people that commit such actions are not really worried about what happens to them after death. They are not worried about or fear God so it appears that they get away with doing bad things. I wouldn’t be the house on that but if there is no fear of God… then in this life they receive their just reward so there is no other compensation in the hereafter. That is what Christ said but you really do not have to believe in Christ, Buddha, Allah, or any other deity because wrongdoers really don’t give a flying bleep! The good book says what goes around will come back around but that does not pass the cost-based-analysis test for wrongdoers so who cares! In this world, unless wrongdoers are caught by the law-keepers and charged with breaking the laws that have set penalties, for the most part, these wrongdoers all but get away with their blatant disregard of others. I say to them, keep on doing what it is that you do and when this life ends, what is on the other side will be waiting on you.

Since no one knows exactly what that might be… this would be a fair gamble. One such person was able to successfully resurrect from the dead but He came from God so if you do not believe in God… then chances are you will not believe in Christ. But, if it is true that Christ rose from the dead then that would prove the existence of God so that wild gamble is not as certain as it appeared before. One other thing, the life you are living here on earth is such a brief moment compared to eternity so if this godly stuff even remotely has a chance of being true, your reward here for doing bad and unrighteous things would amount to not even a blink of an eye while the cost to you on the other side is eternal. I really don’t like those odds, but wrongdoers probably don’t give a bleep!

That means if you show blatant disregard for others who play by the rules, you don’t thumb your nose at others, but at the very people that God loves. And, when it comes down to cost-based-analysis, what that could cost you is unimaginable. Since I believe this to be true I will seriously pray for those who offended Almighty God. I wouldn’t even wish that sort of retribution on even the worse amongst us. I also know that every knee shall bow and account for every infraction committed against God. I ask Him for mercy, and grace, for those who really don’t know WHO they might be offending.

If the restriction says to stay at home, then if it isn’t absolutely necessary for the welfare of the people you need to stay at home! That includes staying away from the church because God does not need a building to meet you or to teach you. If you are a child of God He lives in you so you need not go anywhere, only get on your knees and pray to Him and seek His guidance and protection. For those who blatantly disregard others… try not to stand too close to them because you wouldn’t want to get hit by any accidental thing that God saw coming their way and decided not to block it from landing. God doesn’t do bad things but He might allow bad things to happen to those who do bad things. You do tend to reap what you sow. So… eat, drink, and be merry because, in the end, we shall find out what the cost might be and if God truly is everything people are claiming Him to be… Toddles!  Selah!