It’s My Prerogative

I remember an R&B song by Bobby Brown using this title. When I start quoting Bobby Brown the world must be upside down but Bobby really did his “thang” back in the days. Upon reviewing the song’s message it was sort of about what I am talking about here but used in a slightly different interpretation. Bobby noted that everybody was talking stuff about him and wondered why they don’t just let him live the way he wanted to. He said that he didn’t need permission to make his own decisions because it was his prerogative to live as he wanted, do as he wanted and he really didn’t give a damn. Well… in truth, he was exactly correct.

We as people have the right to do what we want to if we can get away with it, say what we want to because we have the freedom of speech and even act like we want to as long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others and then we might be contested by an opposing force. Not to be critical of Bobby because his life and actions were well-documented by the tabloids. Even though life Bobby Brown, we have the prerogative to do, be, act and live as we desire, there are consequences to those choices. It might not hit you back immediately but according to the laws of physics, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction that will hit you back in some manner during the course of your eternal existence. Some call this Karma. God says every knee shall bow before Him and answer for all that you do. That implies that what you do now could come back even afterlife and sting you. Not all people believe in such things so they really don’t give a damn… as Bobby said in his popular song.

Bobby Brown was rich and famous so he could get away with a lot of things that ordinary citizens who are not rich or famous could get away with. I am not altogether sure of how he is doing these days but to lose a wife and a daughter must have been quite tough for him. I am not saying that it was Karma or even associated with his lifestyle but it appears that some force came back around and stung him deeply. Again I am not picking on Bobby because I have not walked a mile in his shoes, but when you are famous your life is under scrutiny and people tend to judge you, criticize you and some even demonize you. I personally leave the judging to the Almighty. I also believe that God does all things for the good of those who love Him so no matter what choices we make in life we don’t have to be stuck with them throughout eternity. It is also our prerogative to seek forgiveness from people and from God for any infractions we may have made against others. I know that God forgives but I am not entirely sure people will be as forgiving.

I am beginning to see life as a double-sided coin. There is a head and there is a tail on each coin. Life is similar! There is a side of goodness, righteousness, and even godliness. There is an opposite and opposing side for immoral, unrighteousness and evil. It is our prerogative to choose either side of life we want to make our dwelling place. This is called free will… everybody has this power that was granted to them at birth. Obviously, if you live under dictatorship rule even though your choices might be given by God, the governing body can and usually do restrict what you can get away with. Even though it is your prerogative to exercise your free will there can be powers that limit or otherwise restrict what you ultimately get away with. Even living in a democracy there are opposing forces in society that can put up very strong resistance to your choices.

Even though life has two sides of the same coin things do not always distribute equally. I could be the greatest person in the world morally and that does not mean that all the great things of this world would be automatically attracted to me personally. On the other hand, a person could be the evilest and despicable character in the entire world yet acquire and enjoy all the pleasures this world has to offer. One could certainly dispute the notion of Karma or even the laws of physics when it comes to the behaviors of mankind. I don’t know the statistics but certainly, there have been evil people that died with their great fortunes. Although as of late it appears due to the Me-Too movement… a few powerful people seem to be getting snapped in the butt. Alternatively, there have been saints that died poor. Christ was a good example of this and so was Gandhi along with scores of very righteous people that gave their mortal lives to righteous causes.

Even though it is our prerogative to worry about things such as justice and equality, what benefit do you gain merely by worrying about stuff that you do not control? Worry only corrupts the person that does it. The laws of science are different because even though retribution comes in many forms that we may not see, it happens as the law demands. Even though Karma is called a law it is more of a notion that people believe so how it is distributed is also unknown to most of us. However, when God, the creator of all things says that true justice resides in His Hands… I would be inclined to trust in the One that placed this entire existence in motion. I personally do not need to see or feel how or where justification is met. It is not my business to get in God’s business because I trust in His almighty and capable judgments.

So back to this double-sided coin of life… It is your prerogative to choose either side as Bobby wrote in his song lyrics. Why should others give a damn about your choices? If you truly feel that you can get away with something questionable… it is your prerogative but just know that true justice is not in the hands of mankind. It is instead in the hands of the Almighty that Created mankind. Go ahead and live as you want to, do what you want to do, and you might even die with the stuff you gained but woo-is-me, what comes next!

It is your prerogative to not even worry about such things but I would only worry when the coin of life, which eventually turns to the coin of death… that everyone must face… has the final consequences that become eternal. Though you may live just around one hundred years in this life, your soul is eternal. That is an awfully long time to pay such a debt. But knowing God, He always seems to find a way to love us more than we deserve. Selah!