God is Speaking to us right Now

Preface: Rarely do I write a preface to the message I am about to write but I realize that some messages are intended for certain audiences. When God wants to reach His people they know the sound of His voice and harken to His messages. Not all people are, nor do they wish to be, Children of the Most High God. So, I would assume they would not want to read such a message. All praise and glory to our God, and the Father of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in Whom we are saved, by His blood shed on the cross.

As a person that has been drawn to frequent reading of the scriptures it is easy to see that when you spend more time in the Spirit, or in the living Word of God, the Spirit that Is God comes alive in ways that you may not have realized before. For me it has been a slow methodical process that did not happen over a short period of time. It was more like a marathon that required endurance, patience, will power, and faith. During the shorter races you can almost force yourself to finish a tough run. On a marathon run there is no convincing yourself because it is a long tough road ahead. It is similar in getting to know and understand the Spirit of God. God wants us to really know Him but it is up to us to sat aside enough time and space in our lives in order to make that happen.

My initial reading of the Bible was challenging but I would still read it and gain some knowledge, but not in a complete manner. It is as though you ate the food on your plate but it was not quite enough to fill your appetite. My grandma used to read the Bible to me and explain it in an easy way to grasp. Even though her explanations made it easier to grasp, I still did not totally understand many of the messages because I could not understand why God does things as He does. I wanted things to happen in a manner that was more human-like, but thanks to God, it did not happen as such.

Can you imagine if God treated us as we treat Him or each other? There would be constant chaos. Even though I sort of understood some of the Bible, extracting the wisdom from it only comes from the Originator of the Word. Ink and words on paper can only reveal so much but the author of the words can explain why he wrote what he wrote. On the other hand he could still leave you wondering by design. That is what is called a mystery. Even though God is mysterious, He does not leave us wondering when we so dearly want to know Him. He only waits until the proper time and place when you are truly ready to receive what He offers.

I am not sure how, why, when, what, if or under what circumstances or situations that God chooses to reveal things to us. However, I do know that God is always the same. We, on the other hand, are the ever-changing variables that must come to Him. He knows us, as we are; and He approaches or draws us near, as we are capable of understanding Him… in due time. In a similar manner we have one sun that heats and lights our planet. The same sun covers this entire planet. There are so many angels and variations between the sun and the people here, but there is only one sun that lights the entire planet. God is the single light that illuminates all people of the earth. He has been doing so since its very beginning. Using this analogy one might surmise that there are so many pathways and variations between God and man.

One thing you learn when you read the scriptures frequently over a decent period of time is that God has always been consistent and patient with mankind. Mankind seemed to have always been belligerent and defiant back towards God. God has been working with us in a manner that we can grasp, even when it requires our suffering. Unfortunately it appears that suffering seems to get our attention quicker than does showering us with His great abounding love. The entire Holy Bible from the Old Testament to the end of the New Testament convers this constant tug of war between the Creator and those created.

So yes, God is, and always has been speaking to us. God has always desired our attention, but are we willing to finally listen and take heed? It is not a matter of what God can or cannot do but will we use the free will that He gave us and harken unto Him. The more you study scripture the clearer this becomes. In the end, God’s will, shall prevail. Which side of the veil we land depends upon how we respond to His grace and mercy.

At this very moment God just spoke directly into someone’s heart that was wondering if they might hear Him clearly. That message comes directly from the Spirit and could come through a variety of sources that God uses when the subject is ready to receive.

I remember years ago having an argument with a spiritual mentor and friend. I was somewhat new to my conversion by the Spirit so I wanted so badly to win the argument and to show my mentor how much I had grown. I went on and on quoting passages of scripture showing him how smart I had become. After a while my friend looked at me calmly and said, “Greg if you are so smart then how do you know that God isn’t using me at this very moment to tell you something that you don’t understand?” Instantly I knew that was the Spirit of God speaking to me and the lesson of the day was humility, something that I did not possess abundantly at the time. Fact was I was so full of me that there was no room for God in me.

God is always speaking to us; right here and right now, but are we truly willing to listen? Selah!