I Ain’t Over Until It’s Over

Never give up – keep hope alive!

It ain’t over until it’s over… and that still might not be the end of all things. We see death as final but according to the Word of God, it is just the beginning of immortality with God. Sure death is the end of this body, its mind, and most things that made us a human being, some people will even live in our memory long past their death.

One of the dubious distinctions about being famous is that your name will be remembered in our recorded history. Hopefully, it will be because of something that you did good rather than something terrible. Mankind has his books of history, “his story,” while God keep the book of times, “our story.” Even the least significant human being is just as important to God and is stored in His book from the moment of birth until death. His records include all your acts, deeds, and even your thoughts. What you are doing, you have done, and you will do… all are kept in God’s book of times. Because of God, hope is alive as long as you live. Your eternal salvation is but a breath away.

Those who love God might wonder where is this world headed. It does not appear to be headed toward peace and loving one another. Perhaps that is because the squeaky wheel is the one that gets the oil. Translated that means the evildoers get the most attention. Good deeds are usually not covered as well because they don’t make headline news or attract advertising revenues. Those who do good deeds for God’s sake know that their deeds are for God and He IS the rewarder of deeds done in His name. You need not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing when it is for God. Your reward is stored in heaven and, in knowing that someone was helped by your righteous deeds.

The world we see before our eyes do not appear to promote godliness, righteousness, holiness or none of the characteristics of God. It is as though society wants to take God out of the equation. Government institutions cannot promote a particular religion, prayer has been taken out of public schools; you cannot discriminate against people who are different, and everyone has equal rights to live, believe, or worship as they choose. From the outset that seems to be a good idea, but when restrictions step on the right to take a stand for God, you throw the baby out with the bathwater. Just say-n!

I agree that we should love one another but the new restrictions and regulations seem to be dividing us rather than pulling us together. Yes, we should respect each other but if we do not put love ahead of it all, then there is no glue to bind things together. I could differ or disagree with someone and love them at the same time because I am commanded to love first, and then respect, and then disagree without judging. Should I disagree and judge before I love, there is no way two sides can commingle.

For example, I can love my friends that practice Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism or any other religion that is different from mine. I respect the fact that they choose to worship as or how they do. I might disagree with certain philosophies but it is not up to me to judge anyone for believing as they do. They are only accountable to their maker and that certainly is not me. I would assume that they likewise disagree with me but in doing so I would hope they could still love and respect me likewise for my choices.

You don’t have to agree with anyone to love them. Husbands and wives disagree all the time. Parents and children disagree all the time. Brothers, sisters and other loved ones disagree with each other many times but they still genuinely love one another. Even my best friends have differences from me and I genuinely love them in spite of our disagreements. Love should be the first attachment… all else follows.

What a sad state it would be if I chose not to love everyone that did not worship as I do. What if I hated everyone who was gay? What if I hated everyone who is a sinner? What if I hated everyone who wasn’t gay? What if I hated everyone who was poor, cripple, white, black, brown, or any other distinction? My entire world would be filled with hate so there would be nothing to bind me with the world that I live. It is not like I can fly to another planet full of haters like me. No, I chose to love first and then disagree, but I cannot judge others and still love them. The mete that you choose to measure others is the same one that God will measure you.

So we should never give up on each other and always keep hope alive. Do not judge one another because there is but One who will judge us all. Love as a commandment, not as an option. God commands us to love one another as He loves us. Imagine if God chose to hate you for your sins. No! God hates the sin but loves the sinners. Who among you is without sin?

It ain’t over with until it’s over! Only God says when He is finished. When He is done with this world and when He is done with our wickedness, no one knows the exact time, but God. Until then we should never give up on each other because God does not give up on us. Keep hope alive! Hold on to your faith…

A string of pearls that I love is in this scriptural passage from Romans 4:

“Long-suffering produces perseverance; perseverance produces character, and character produces hope. Hope will never put us to shame.” Our hope is stored safely in the glory that is in God, and that IS GOD. Selah!!!