From Slavery to Salvation

As an African American servant of Jesus Christ, I often wonder about the plight of my people over the scores of time. It is believed that the continent of Africa was the cradle of civilization, meaning that Adam and Eve and the entire story of creation must have happened in the very place where my ancestors are from. Although many scholars think the biblical stories are only mythical, the ones that believe the Garden of Eden was an actual place differ in exactly where it was located. Because of the rivers mentioned in the story, it could have been Mesopotamia, Iraq, Ethiopia, or perhaps Assyria. We can only rely upon what our world historians can trace back for authentication. At best they only guess the exact location of Eden but most experts accept that is was more than likely somewhere in the area of ancient Mesopotamia.

That being the case we know that the first race of human beings was either black or brown, but certainly not white. However, what we can prove through archeological discoveries is that the first governing dynasties on earth were black ruling kings. It appears that there is something about my race that has been a thorn in the eyes of mankind for some reason. Could the first man and woman have been black people? If so all races would have originated from black people. Wouldn’t that be ironic knowing how much we have been hated and vilified over the history of time? Even if that were the case… what could it all mean?

Whether you use science or ancient folklore we know that every human being born on earth has a human father and mother. At one point there must have been only one male and one female. But does that confirm the story of Adam and Eve as written in the bible? Using logic we can surmise that there was a man and a woman who were the genesis of all human beings on this planet. That is unless you are willing to consider that aliens landed here and seeded the human race over various areas on this planet. Although we could guess, speculate, or even use the scientific method of determining the original strain of human DNA, but still, we would not be able to figure out what God did, when He did it, or how it was done. Yes, we may be curious, but should that be our major concern?

The fact that we are here and have been here for perhaps an unspecified number of years prove that something caused our existence to happen. We are the evidence! Everything that exists was caused by something. We can only ascertain that the First cause started all things to come into existence. That initial Causer is what is commonly referred to as our Creator/God. No matter what you think was the beginning, we have to agree that there was a beginning that placed the entire universe in motion. So at this point, logic tells us two things; there was a cause to our existence and there was a beginning to our existence. Now, all we need to do is fill in the time between the beginning and now. THAT AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN IN MY LIFETIME!

This subject would be of great importance to Black People because for some reason we seem to have been vilified over such a long period of time. Certainly, African Americans who are descendants of African Slaves would consider such knowledge illuminating no matter what the truth reveals. To know that we are a very proud people, so strong and resilient; capable of resisting all the world has thrown at us and yet, we are still here, we are still proud, we are still strong, and we will never stop being as vivacious as God made us. From ingenuity to royalty, to captivity, to bondage, to slavery; as a race Blacks are about as tough as it gets.

It is extremely important for people to know who they are and to know their history. All the building blocks of our bloodlines are contained in that knowledge. Not knowing the history has a debilitating effect upon my people because it casts the shadow of doubt and fear, and allows the negative hype to seep into our consciousness. One iota of doubt can corrupt one’s faith. Not just faith in one’s self, but faith in one’s God. This is the issue in question for people like me. My ancestry is African and my upbringing is American. The two are not historically compatible. The dark demonic stain of slavery is the river that divides the two. Could there be a force that could stitch the two back together? Could God have had a divine plan in allowing such horror to happen?

Perhaps I am not the best to tell such a story because certainly there are many historical experts who know more about the facts of history. They would be the ones who could reveal more truth than I have been able to ascertain up to this point. However, what I can speak about is a desire to know this God that I have been taught about in inexpressible ways. The God that has lead our people through all the pages of history and the only One that can grant passage into His eternal kingdom that is not of the earth. Though salvation might be considered a Christian or Abrahamic religious construct, the resting home of the soul is not something man controls. Every human being has a soul and that soul will eventually settle somewhere. Most cultures and races believe that there is a resting place for the immortal soul. For those who don’t believe in God, that is between them and the One that made them. My reckoning is between my Maker and myself. But my desire would be to uncover the truth that has been denied to my ancestors over the ages.

To my friends of other races, this is not a desire built upon hate and bigotry, it is merely a craving to know the truth and to be set free of the dark clouds that were intentionally placed before our people. As one of God’s children, I can no longer remain silent about this matter when there is so much at stake. My eternal soul cries out for truth. Though I may have been born through slavery… my salvation is not, nor can it be granted through the hands of the oppressors that chained and sold my ancestors. The god that others falsely taught to my people may have cursed them, but the Spirit that IS God has revealed to me that all lower gods of the earth shall crumble. My fate, as well as my faith, is no longer in the hands of mortal man, it resides in the hands of Almighty God alone. When I go to my rest I am confident in knowing my truth, but it concerns me that many of my brothers and sisters are not the wiser.

Many of my ancestors lived from the cradle to the coffin not knowing the truth. They suffered greatly during this passage of life, to what avail? What could God have had in mind to allow such things? Though I feel I know, God’s realities are not easily understood. They can only be revealed to a pure heart, one that I do not possess in a form as so worthy. Safe to say it has to deal with the salvation of the soul at the expense of a body to which it was encapsulated. Also safe to surmise that the soul is eternal while the bodies only temporary, yet that does not remove the pain and suffering. We believe that God does all things for the good of those He loves and accepts as His children… no matter how it appears to mortal man, in his mortal mind. Even though our minds can’t seem to let go of what these black bodies have gone through, our souls belong to our Heavenly Father that put everything in us at creation, enough of Him to seed the entire world.

Though it may appear that you are this body of flesh defined by human characteristics, to your Father you are His immortal soul that requires major transformation. The stronger the soul the more refinement necessary therefore you were assigned your station in this life that would yield the fruit of His kingdom. God’s children would consider it a pure joy just knowing their Father was doing in them what is necessary to make them whole and complete, not lacking in anything… worthy of entrance into the Kingdom of God. Only those who have ears to hear and eyes to see can conceive of such things. Many of the elect will seethe in their anger and waddle in their fears. The strongest stallions are the hardest to tame. Fortunately, the Father knows this and has done the works for them. It was not something that you did, but what was done long before you were assigned to the station of your birth. To almighty God be the Glory.

For all the children of God, just know that anything derived out of anger, hate, spite, envy and the like, will receive the reward worthy of their kind. One the other hand anything derived out of love, joy, peace, patience, brotherly kindness and the like, will likewise receive the rewards of their kind. Let not your fleshly desires cause the destruction of the immortal soul that God is summoning. Give to man what belongs to man but give to God what only He has the power to decide. From slavery to the salvation of the soul is the plight of some folks in the here and now. Let those who have ears hear this message… Your Heavenly Father is reclaiming your soul back to Himself… Selah!