God’s Utensils

Much has been written about the fruits of the Spirit defining the character of God or about spiritual gifts, talents, and abilities exhibited in people. I would like to address a similar subject in a different manner. It would be more in line with the Potter and the clay pots that He made. In each of us, there is a utility, which is essentially a quality of being useful. We were all given something special from our Maker that could be used by the body of humanity. Though we don’t have to use our utility for God or for anything associated with God, there is something in you that has the ability to be quite useful to humanity. Regarding the potter, God said, “like clay is in the hands of the potter, so are you in my hands, Israel.” The Prophet Jeremiah spoke very eloquently about this.

Think about an ordinary kitchen and the various utensils, ingredients, pots, pans, dishes, silverware, cups, mugs, glasses, storage space, sink, countertop, refrigerator, dishwasher, water dispenser, and so on. There are so many different things in an ordinary kitchen that you could name. Each of them could serve a different utility. There are so many utilities in a kitchen that serves a multitude of purposes but they are all for the use of the kitchen, which is usually used for cooking, preparing, serving, storing or eating what is cooked.

Would you use a spoon to boil a cup of water? Would you use salt to cut the meat? Would you store boiling water in the freezer? Probably not! But you never know... people tend to do odd things just because they can. That does not mean it is the best possible use of a particular item. However, if one wishes they could do a lot of things against the maker’s intention.

Now, let’s take human beings. We could spend a lot of time imagining the various utilities that we might serve in addition to the various ways we could be of service. In many cases, some of our utilities could be special and intended for specific purposes, while others for the common good. For example, some are given the ability to play a musical instrument that could be used to entertain others. Some are poets or writers intended to dazzle our minds. Some are brick masons, carpenters, truck drivers, doctors, lawyers, politicians, nurses, computer technicians, clergymen, parents, scientists, tennis players, and so many utilities that were intended for the common good. There are so many combinations that we could not name them all in a single setting.

These are not necessarily spiritual gifts or fruit of the Spirit, but utilities that we can use to assist the body of humanity. All of these were created by the Master Potter as He shaped us into our various utilities. In essence, we are all God’s utensils to be used to serve God’s creation in the manner of His choosing, whether we believe in Him or not. It would be very helpful if we were to see ourselves in this manner because in all we do it would be for the benefit of the entire body. This was our Creator’s desire but in giving us free will we were not mandated to follow God’s desires. Instead, we were given the freedom to follow our selfish desires if we so decide. What would it take to compel mankind to follow God’s desires over his selfish desires? I leave you with that thought.

As we contemplate God’s desires we should take note of what He might have placed in each of us as a utility to be used for the body. How can we serve? Did He put several utilities in us to be used for the greater good? Are you willing to share what God has given you with His body of believers? I have often noted that if you had a million dollars in the bank and were totally unaware of that fact, would that money be of any benefit to you? In a similar manner if God placed special gifts and abilities in you for the greater good of others and you were totally unaware of His gift, what good would it serve? Though we are free to use God’s gifts and utilities for our personal gain, knowing that God does things only for the good of those who love Him, wouldn’t you want to make sure you use your gift for the benefit of your Maker? You would think this would be a no-brainer… but not everyone sees it that way.

As I look inwardly at myself and note the different utilities that God has blessed me with, there are many ways that I can help others. Like the Potter’s clay pots, some are for the common good and others for special occasions. To love one another, assist the poor and needy, spread neighborly kindness, to show compassion for your fellow citizens and the like are all things for the common good. However as I have discovered lately, God gave me the ability to sit and write these sorts of messages that could inspire others once read. That is not a utility that was placed in everyone alike so I acknowledge it as a special utility to be used for God to serve those of whom He wishes to reach. Understanding this, my mission is to simply write the messages as I am inspired and allow God to deliver them as He desires.

If we wish to serve God we should acknowledge that our gifts are from God and dedicate those special utilities back to Him for His purposes. We don’t need to know how He will use them if we simply dedicate them to Him. He will decide how and where to use them according to His divine will. In doing so, imagine how many utensils God would have access to for serving the body of humanity? We are all God’s utensils in one way or another. But how much more could be done if we were to freely and willingly give our services back to the One that gave them to us in the first place? As a utensil, however common or special, are you willing to allow God to use you for His purposes? Glory to the Most High God. Selah!