Why should I care?

There is something about taking a stand for what you believe. It goes to the heart of who you are and what you are made of. To care about someone or something outside of your self, shows compassion, integrity, virtue, and other godly qualities that are considered to be the fruits of the Spirit. Some people seem to be cut that way and others by personnel choice. Some genuinely believe it is better to give than to receive. Whether you are born that way or that you adopted it as the character that you wish to exude, the world is blessed to have you. Without kind and caring people our world would definitely suffer even more than it does currently.

If there is a downside to being such an individual it could be the drain upon one’s emotions. When you put so much of yourself into caring for others you sometimes feel completely drained because you realize that even though you offer your best that does not always fix the situation. At such times the caregivers could use emotional support to refill their reservoir? The last thing our world need is for caregivers to give up and say, ‘why should I care?’ This is where I offer sound advice as one who cares.

When I think of the fruit of the Spirit I only see an unlimited capacity. God so loved the world that He gave us His all. Not only did He give us His only begotten Son as the scriptures tell us, but He also put Himself in all that He created. It was from His very substance that He formed creation with what we see here in the formed reality. God put Himself in everything He made and gave it permission to have life, being and purpose.

With free will we turned God’s offering in an opposite direction from which it started. That does not mean that God’s love disappeared only that we corrupted what He started. Love will always prevail even though it might be temporally hidden. It is like the sun may be covered on a cloudy day but it does not go away… only out of view. Even when the light of day is is overshadowed by nightfall; the sun is still shinning on the other side of the planet. In essence, love never goes away because it is directly from God and God lives eternally in His creation.

Think about what love IS: Love is God and God is Love. There is no separation between the two except God created love. Therefore when we extend love to others it will not run out, nor does it need to be returned back as it was shared. We should share love as God does with no need for return. In a similar way we should care for others with no expectation of anything in return. It is only our expectations that cause us to burn out or become overburdened. When you give to others, don’t even let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, just do it because it comes directly from God. Love does not belong to us. It can only be shared through and by us. We are the vessels that God uses to spread Himself among mankind.

So why should you care? You should do so because your Heavenly Father cares. You should also do so in the same manner that He cares. Do you feel that you should repay God for loving you? No! That’s silly! You only care for others because the Spirit of God that lives in you cares. As God fills you with His love, your cup runs over and that is why others are the recipients of what ultimately comes from God. We should make ourselves like the sun and shine wherever its light radiates without the slightest thought of a return.

This in particular leads to my own confession. I too feel that my own behavior does not reflect what I am writing about to others. When I am inspired to write an essay I feel that it comes from an internal spirit. Whether that Spirit is of God or not it would be my hope that others would benefit from what is offered. If I were true to this message I would simply write the message and allow it to fall where it may. I should trust in the Spirit that motivated me to write also has the power to deliver the message to where or who it was intended. Instead at times I feel that I am not reaching anyone so why keep on writing? This is contrary to this message as I write it. When we follow God and share our love with each other we don’t need to worry about where it lands or who might benefit as long as we do what we do for the love of God.

If one person reads the message and benefits from it then the Spirit that inspired me to write it achieved the Spirit’s goal. However if I am waiting on a response from others I would be guilty of expecting something in return for something that did not belong to me, it belonged to the Source from which it was inspired. When I heard this title it was from my experience of the question proposed, ‘why should I care?’

There are times when I feel that I am posting messages out in space not certain where the message might land or even if it lands. Perhaps it lands on rocky ground and dies without sprouting roots. Perhaps it might land in fertile soil and sprout roots and then produce fruit. It is not on me to tell God what to do with His seeds. If I were true to my words I would serve, let go, and let God. But, our human nature wants something back in return. If you truly want to serve God then let it go. Oh what conflicted souls we have become!

As we mature in life spiritually we should learn how to make things less about our desires and more about what the Spirit desires. When you are young and inexperienced you feel that life centers on you but once filled with the Spirit you realize that you are a part of a much larger body. On earth you are part of the body of humanity but as a spirit being you are part of the body of God. He created us out of Himself to care about one another and to assist one another when needed. This is why we should care… because our heavenly Father cares. Selah!