Servant of the Lord

As a fellow servant of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I often wonder how I was intended to serve the body of God. It is odd how so many people with so many differences can be grafted into one unified body so seamlessly; one body, under God, one Lord with one mission… that all would be reconciled back to the One who created them all. When you think of a body you realize that each body part is different and it serves a specific purpose. The hand is different from the foot, the eyes from the ears, the heart from the brain and so on. Each of these members is vital to the whole body. Even though each was intended to carry a specific responsibility, they all were not intended to carry the same load. The feet were designed to carry the weight of the entire body. The brain has to rest in a cradle and be carried by other body members. Should the foot complain to the brain that is has more weight to carry? Rubbish! So too do we have various responsibilities and purposes, though different… it is for one body that we serve.

Should my race or gender be a factor in my service to the Lord? It is through both that I was intended to serve the body. Should any of my body features make me greater or lesser in my service to the Lord? No! The qualities that the Lord born in me were necessary for the purpose He intended me to serve… different but necessary. We were all intended to serve the body in different ways using different kinds of service with different abilities, but it is One body that we all serve. The problem that many of us have as fellow human beings is accepting what God put in us as our measure of service and not comparing it to what He may have put in others.

What appears to be the most troubling is when certain people seem to have more than others. The rational mind wants to create division among the rest of the body members, thinking, ‘why can’t I have what they have?’ The only way to answer such a question would be to turn to the Maker and ask, ‘why did you make me this way?’ To which the Maker would respond, ‘doesn’t a potter have the right to make all his pots in the manner of his choosing?’ God made all His pots just as they were to serve. If a certain pot wanted to be made exactly to their own specifications they would have to be a god and thereby become their own maker, somewhere outside of the space God created. Again… rubbish! There is no space outside of God’s creation.

When one decides to become a servant of the Lord they also agree to surrender all things to the Lord they serve. It is no longer the will of the individual, but the superior Divine Will of God. Even though it is human to have desires, wants and needs, it is not our creation nor do we understand the reasons why God does things His way. We only know that God does all things for the good. He aligns all things towards His purposes. Being a servant means that we allow God to Lord over us knowing that we are His children. Until you understand that you are a spirit being, created by God, and having a human experience, there are so many things about this world that may seem odd, unfair, unjust, unequal or just wrong in our eyes. However, ask your Heavenly Father to open the eyes of the Spirit and take away any desire that does not fit into His purpose.

To become a servant of the Lord is a choice. Not all people will want to be a servant of anything or of anyone. Truth is, no one can come to the Father unless He draws them near. With His omnipotence, He has already seen your beginning and your end. It’s not just the end of mortal life but the resting place of your immortal soul. Everything that you experience in the “here and now” is designed to help you return to the realm of God. In our Father’s house, there are many rooms but they are not all the same. Even our Lord made Himself to become a servant showing us how it is to be done.

Being fully God He made Himself to be lower than the angels in Heaven so that He would shine a light to lead the way back to our real home. That makes more sense when you realize that our Lord was the Word and the Word became flesh and blood and lived amongst us in a mortal body that He might fully know what we face in our body of flesh. Though He knew this before the world was formed, He became our servant, one to represent our behalf to the Father. He made a way that we would not have to do this alone, so He gave us a Helper that would be with us and live in us and guide our steps through this godforsaken land. If God Himself, would make a part of Himself to be born as a servant to serve mankind, what do you think your spiritual act of worship should be?

To me personally I no longer wish to own myself. Everything I am and have I wish to give back to the Lord for use in His purposes. There is nothing that I have, save sin, which did not come from Him. I did not make myself. I did not choose where, when, or how I was to be born. In truth, giving myself back to God would only be giving Him something that is already His… He only allowed me to use it. Through our minds, we may think that we own ourselves… that is only because God grants us free will and allows us the latitude to choose either for or against Him. The choice for Him brings you back in alignment with the Body while the choice against separates you from the Body. Hell is the absence of the presence of God. If that is one’s choice then they won’t be there alone because certainly fallen angels and evil demons will be there as well. In the end, we either serve the Lord God or His adversaries. However, it is still a choice…

Rather than speaking of dark matters, I’d rather speak of the light. The illuminating light of God’s truth. I was not always of the mindset of a servant. I did not relish the thought of serving anyone or anything, including God. That was before I stepped into this light that illuminated God’s truth. At one point I did not know Him then another, I feel that I know Him well. This was not something I manufactured, but something God did for me. He opened the doors where all I had to do was walk in. Remember what our Lord said: “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.” Something happened to me that caused me to hear the knock so I invited Him in. Now my only desire is to serve.

Not everyone wishes to serve our Lord Christ Jesus. That is a choice that everyone will have to make. In fact, no one can even come to Him unless the Father draws them near. This call to serve is not something that man controls. At best, mortal man can only send out an invitation, but the Lord is the one that makes the call. We are the ones that have to make the decision whether or not you wish to serve. But still, God loves you because you are His creation… Selah!