The Uncomfortable Truth

I watched a documentary using this title that inspired me to write about my truths, which are equally as uncomfortable. The documentary was very interesting. I would recommend its' viewing to anyone seeking the truth. These days people would rather believe in the lies that have been perpetuated for over hundreds of years about so many facets of our lives. This would include the lies about God, religion, country, race relationships; about our founding fathers, the history of the world, as well as about what we have been led to believe who we are as people. When you hear so many lies so often… it has a way of making people accept them as truth, even though almost everyone knows they are lies. We become so blinded by them until the truth can be hidden right out in plain sight! The truth is just too uncomfortable to handle.

For most of my life I have been angry at the truth that I know. Never the less my anger doesn’t seem to matter enough to move the needle of anything except my blood pressure readings. I grew up in the south. Born in 1949… I know a lot about this country. I personally experienced much of its’ ugly bigoted history. I realized how at times our religion was intentionally used against us. Certain people made our lives very difficult to the point of being unbearable, for many causing even death. Such truths were hidden once they exposed the evil nature of the ruling class. Back in the day, lynching was something they boasted about. Heinous acts were carried out right in the middle of racist white towns to show the “niggers” to stay in their places. However, when the truth became unpopular they tried to hide it. But… history has a way of exposing things.

Today as I write about this subject there are people who will vilify me for being the victim of such hatred. Where I stand today is the results of a system that held me back using all the elements of the laws of this nation against me. Segregation was the law of the land where I grew up. The policemen beat up people like me, jailed us for no reason, and even killed many Black people without facing consequences. Yet, I am the bad guy for telling my truths. It is too uncomfortable for raciest to hear the truth about the ugly past so they would rather make people like me the villain for speaking truth to power. If a Black Man has the nerves to make statements such as this about America, he becomes a target of social media and white hate groups… even by the “M.A.G.A.” President. Why! It is because the truth shines a disparaging image of them. Many such groups claim to be religious people… they deem themselves superior to people of color. I guess they think God apparently made a mistake by creating people of color?

Over the past couple of decades I have been very serious about studying my chosen faith. You might understand how confusing that has been for me because the same people that wrote most of the material that I study about faith were the ones that abused my people for hundreds of years. They were also the primary authors of the history books that I attempt to study to learn about my country, America. The same people constructed the very laws that were used both for and against people like me. Is there any wonder why I tend to be a bit hesitate believing in my own mind, the one that has been indoctrinated all these years using such resources? Imagine, the same people who once considered my people to be three-fifth of a human being, and themselves to be the superior white race, were the ones that constructed most of the reference material that taught me about who I am as I was developing as a child. I know there must have been some truth in that forest, but most of it was hidden by the slimy trees I my face.

As I began to seek truth in earnest later in life, I needed to first eradicate many of the lies from which I was indoctrinated. Even to this day our society is laced with so many lies that makes it very difficult to know the real truth. This is because the highest authorities of the very land of which we pledge our allegiance, spread lies to the people. Even though the line of separation is no longer just between Blacks and whites, the disparity between the haves and the have-nots closely resemble the same. By using hundreds of years of unfair, unequal, unjust, and many times illegal segregation practices, Black people have been systematically suppressed by this nation throughout its entire history! Once people are trapped under poverty the chance of rising above it is very low. Left unchecked it would take another few hundred years for the Black race to catch up with whites on equal financial footings. Thanks to the persistence of Blacks, a few escaped poverty. But with little assistance from the white majority… many have not.

If there is a silver lining to this story it has to be that what man does for evil purposes God uses for the good. Firstly, for hundreds of years, at least in America, the right to read was denied to slaves to keep them from learning about godly truths or their legal human rights. However, in the long run that ploy of hiding things in written material could not hold down people who were cultured for thousands of years using practices that were not keep in printed books.

People cultured in tribal communities modeled their lives instead upon experiential life-living practices rather than reference books. That means indigenous people from around the world and especially those brought to this land as slaves did not primarily worship God from a written book. Their spiritual practices were carried down from generation to generation; from mouth to ear. The elders taught their young in ways of the power they recognized as their God. Such people were more tuned to nature and the earth. So in actuality, denying people the right to read books had a surprising end results. People were forced to find the true God and worship accordingly. On the other hand, such people also believed in evil spirits and used magical practices so it was easier to fool people who took spirituality seriously by just lying to them about God. All the white majority had to do was lie and say that God had cursed them and they would believe it because God was something they feared. This was just another ploy they used to abuse God’s people. That means when you invoke the name of God evildoers know that it becomes a spell to further hold down a people without using spears and swords or guns.

Yes my flesh regrets what might have been for people like me, but I can only thank God for awakening me to His truths so that I might caution others to lean not upon your mind to understand the things of God, but to turn only to God as Spirit and you will be exalted by Him alone, in spite of what evil man says. Unfortunately there are still so many lies rattling through the cages of our minds, but gracefully we no longer need to rely upon man’s truth when God is constantly revealing His. We no longer need to doubt if man’s version of God that we were taught was real, or not, because the Real Spirit that was represented in the embodiment of the Messiah and passed on through the Holy Spirit, told us not to place our trust in man, but in the Spirit that IS God alone.

The last shall become first and the first shall become last because I go to prepare a place for you in my Father’s house that you may be with Us eternally. That is what our Lord said! So you need not worry about the evildoers. Evil begets evil… they have set their own slate. You need not worry about revenge because vengeance belongs to the Lord alone. Pray for those who committed acts of evil against God’s children, because you can only imagine what the Father has in store for those who caused His people to stumble in the slightest manner. For even as we live and breath, the Lord is bringing forth His wrath. Let all the people of God turn to Him because this is not a time that you can endure being outside of His circle of protection. This uncomfortable truth is about to become the milestone tied around the necks of those who have offended Almighty God. So says the Lord! Selah!