The Fullness of God

Though it is in every way inconceivable to know the fullness of God, even to grasp a tiny fraction of Him into your mind would be more than any human being could handle. That is because within God is the ALL and that would be too much for anyone to contain. We are just one of many, many, many time towards infinity and God singularly stands alone in the ALL. To us that would be like trying to take a single drop of water and compare it with all the drops of water that exist in the universe and that still would not cover the ALL, because that would only pertain to water. Then you would have to add all the other elements such as air, matter, energy, antimatter and the like until you get to the ALL.

God is the ALL! Everything contains the root seed of what God IS as its origin. Nothing that exists can be outside of what God IS. For us to totally grasp the fullness of God we can only say that God IS the ALL but we can’t fill such a reality into our minds.

I was just thinking about how occasionally I can sense the presence of the Spirit of God and how delighted that makes me feel. There are other times when I cannot sense His presence and that make me very sad. It dawned upon me that God is always in the same space as an eternal fixture, but we cannot remain in a single space for any lasting period of time. Take one that goes to church regularly. Usually when believer goes into the House of God they can sense His presence at least slightly more than when outside the worshipping house because your mind is elevated to expect God’s presence. However once service is over and you leave the building your mind goes on to other things so the focus upon God is not as elevated for most people.

Imagine once you get home and the cares of life takes over your attention, the presence of God sinks even further back into your subconscious mind. By nightfall it goes further back and the next day at work the sense of the presence of God goes further and further out of the one’s conscious mind. All the while God is and was still in the very same identical space where He was when you were in His house of worship and even further before you were even born. Remember, God never moves but we hardly remain in the same mind space for just a single day. Therefore it appears that God drifts in and out from us when it is only us doing the drifting.

As I continued along this thought pattern I remember reading a book about living in the presence of God through a practice. The book is titled, “The Practice of the Presence of God” by Brother Lawrence. It is a most delightful short book speaking about how one can and should keep the presence of God ever-present in order to take full advantage of what He offers.

This is the life that dedicated followers such as nuns, monks, priest and the like choose to live. They offer they full lives to God and live in a facility among likeminded people who also dedicate their lives in service to God. There complete routines are involved around practice, study, prayer and otherwise staying very close in the presence of God. I assume that one could train themselves to keep the living presence of God nearby better than those of us who are not in the clergy, but I don’t think that is what God expects of all people. God knew the world and what would happen before it was created so He knew that the cares of life would become more challenging with time. It is not that we are to become nuns and monks and separate ourselves away from the world at large, but that we are to keep God ever-present in our hearts and minds. Even though you may not actively have God on your conscious mind at all times He should always be there in your subconscious mind available at the blink of an eye.

A good example would be like participating in a game of sports with a team. You would always want to have God playing on your team and never want to take Him out of the game for even a moment. Even if He were not in the game you would always want Him watching over the game. God knows that we have lives to live and that there are many challenges in life itself. You don’t need to live in an isolated space that caters only to worship because arguably that would not nurture the soul as much as living in life and learning how to practice godliness while doing so. If there were no challenges there would be very little refinement of the soul, which is one of the primary reasons why we are born in human flesh.

What is it that we have to offer to the Lord that He doesn’t already have? What new revelation can we offer to Him that is not already fully known by Him? Where can you go to expose something new that is unknown to the Lord? There is nothing new under the sun that is unknown to the Lord so what should that tell you? Since God already has it all and knows it all and the ALL is fully within Him, they why do you suppose He made us? Even our prayers to Him are not new because He already knew what we would pray. That is why Christ taught is to pray for the will of God because ultimately that is the only thing in control. His omnipotent power sees all and knows all so you would want to align with God in obedience seeking His covering and guidance.

Personally I know that I am not as faithful and obedient as I know I should be. I know the things that please the Lord yet I do not do them. Even when I try to do what I know to be right there is another element that entices me to do otherwise. This is the same scenario Paul spoke about in Romans 7.

May I come humbly before the throne of God and lay face down at His feet seeking only to do His will and seek His divine will over me? Let me not be smart in mine own mind but as dumb as a nail so the Lord can direct my steps and move my heart in the ways that are pleasing in His sight? Beneath the fullness of God I am not even a spec of dust and certainly not worthy of anything from Him, but His unearned grace and tender mercy… He freely gives even to a sinner such as me. The fullness of God is incomprehensible. Selah!