Hypothetical God

It just dawned upon me that in order for us to believe in things we usually have to answer the 5W1H: who, what, when, where, why and how. These are the questions whose answers are considered in information gathering or problem solving. When it comes to faith in an invisible God, each of these questions is equally important. Even though they might not quench all doubt, they could lead you in a direction that will assist you in your discovery process. Ultimately in the end you just have to accept God by faith alone. Scripture says no one can come to God without Him drawing them near, but if you really, really desire Him, He will help you get there.

In dealing with a topic such as this I often turn to the dictionary first because in doing so it places my readers with me in the same or a similar arena for discussion. So let’s define the term hypothesis, the root of the term hypothetical.

Hypothesisnouna proposition or set of propositions, set forth as an explanation for the occurrence of some specific of phenomena, either asserted merely as a provisional conjecture to guide investigation or accepted as highly probable in the light of established facts. – 2. a proposition assumed as a premise of an argument, - or, 3. a mere assumption or guess.

The last definition listed above is most frightening. Imagine guessing about the existence of God. This is my main point of writing this essay. True belief in God cannot be based upon a mere assumption or a guess. Even faith is not based upon a guess but for some, it can be equally as evasive and hard to grasp. Faith is the confidence or trust in a person or thing. Even though it is something that is invisible, it requires a confidence based upon a set of propositions accepted as highly probable in the light of established conjecture. Now I really screwed you up! So let’s see if we can unpack some of this.

Even though this is far above my pay-grade I am only an opinion writer. The opinions I express are intended to encourage further investigation to come up with your conclusions. I would strongly suggest that you actually turn to the ones you consider to be an expert for answers. There are times when I will quote scripture to make my point but still it would be my conjecture and not necessarily to the exclusion of views others might contradict. Sorry to fill up so much space with disclaimers, but the last thing I wish to do is further confuse anyone. Now let’s go back to the 5W1H.

Who is God – God is not a “who” like we are a person with a distinct, individual body separated from another person. In fact God does not need a body to exist. We are told that we must worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Neither of these have or require a physical body. Many people want to think of God as a person, or a personality and that would, in my opinion be a mistake because God is the essence of all things He created. You could say that God is the ALL and all things have their existence through Him. Without God nothing could exist. A lot of people will argue that evil cannot be in God but I would say, think of a stage play with many characters in the play. Evil would be one of the many characters in the play God wrote. He also made the stage for the play to be preformed.

What is God – is somewhat similar but as already stated, God is Spirit and not a physical embodiment like human beings. God IS! He is creator of all things in all realms. Nothing could exist outside of God’s dominion or His controlling power. God is unknowable to us because the completeness of the ALL cannot fit in a single space, or time, or realm, or any distinction other than what God chooses. God could manifest in any form He deems necessary in order to carry out divine will but He also is a God of order, discipline, rules, covenants, and the like. God is also omnipotent, which is in all places, at all times… without any physical or spiritual boundaries unless self-imposed. That means that God follows the rules that He set because He is a just God.

When is God – God is eternal with no beginning and no ending. This is a concept beyond our comprehension because we live in a dimension with time that God created for our purposes. God does not need time because He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the ending. He could roll up time like a blanket if so deemed. Enough said!

Where is God – God is everywhere at the same time because of His omnipotence. There is no place or time beyond God’s reach. Though it is said that God cannot be in the presence of evil or sin, God is not a physical embodiment so His Spirit can be anywhere at any time without actually being in the presence of evil. It is like the air is everywhere on our planet, which is a part of God and certainly there is much evil on our planet.

Why is God – God says, I AM THAT I AM. We can be curious about God and seek understanding and wisdom but ultimately God is the Great I AM. We are left trying to align with all God IS. God is all-powerful and we have relatively none. But God created man in His image and likeness, not in the physical sense but in the spiritual sense. He wants us to be much like Him and to have a personal relationship with Him. That is why we were created. He placed all creation around us giving us dominion over it. I also believe that if we desire to know things of God He will work with us to the point that fulfills His purpose in you according to His divine will.

How is God – this one is simple and short… I HAVE NO IDEA! Guess what? NO ONE ELSE DOES because God IS unknowable to us except for what He choose to reveal to us. How God can create all things out of nothing is not something that we can explain. Otherwise God is GREAT!

This brings me back to my theme about a hypothetical God. To me God is as close to you as the air you breathe. He is as real in existence as the nose is on your face, just not in carnal form. God IS Spirit. You cannot guess about God and also have a relationship with Him, or fulfill His requirements of you. He has a purpose for giving you life and being so your challenge is to discover the real God and find your purpose and fulfill it. To find the real God you are not alone. God has all the tools that anyone would ever need but again, to get anything from God you will need to be drawn near to Him by His invitation. When, or if the heart is willing, God is able. God does not hypothetically exist, He is the ALL and in ALL, everywhere and everything came through God and, it shall also end through Him! I challenge you to find the real God! It shouldn’t be a guess. There are a lot of people out there who are willing to help you find Him. Selah!