The Theory of Religiosity

This is a parody on the phrase, “The theory of relativity.” When it comes to religion, things tend turn out relative to the indoctrination of the persons involved. If you think of cooking, the process usually requires mixing numerous ingredients in order to make a particular dish. As you mix various portions of ingredients and cook them at a certain temperature and time, the dish will come out a certain way; either good, fair, decent or badly. This is how religion does us. It can turn us into a number of things. Some are good, some not so good, some poor and some pretty bad, depending upon the ingredients.

It is important to note that religion is a philosophy and not a science, which means that it is a rational investigation of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct. With so many religions and practices in existence today, you might imagine how many concoctions and variations there are amongst us. This is why I entitled this essay as “the Theory of Religiosity.” The field is so wide and so deep that it is impossible to determine the various impacts upon people.

Firstly, religious people are almost always spiritual people because of the nature of what is being investigated, which is about spiritual matters. However, spiritual people are not necessarily religious people because the nature of what is being investigated may include a variety of subject matter. For example spirituality could cover many things such as worshiping idols, tuning to sounds, sights, thoughts, premonitions, dreams, desires, wishes, voodoo, exorcism, witchcraft, and so many other variables, but that is not necessarily true about religion. Therefore many people will consider themselves spiritual, but not necessarily religious. In essence they believe there is something there to consider but they are not sure how to define it… or put it into a practice.

In stating my opinions and making my assumptions I am not attempting to judge the choices others make. Everyone has to follow his or her conscious. I am simply pointing out a distinction that may not be understood by all alike. By way of a confession I admit that at various stages of my life I might have drifted between several theories. Currently I am more comfortable in what I have learned about my chosen faith so I thought sharing my growth might be helpful to others. When I started writing this essay I had no idea there was such a word as religiosity. It means the quality of being religious, piety or devoutness.

Today I would consider myself to be both a religious and a spiritual person. I have been attracted to study Christianity. I now have a comfort level with what I have found. Earlier in life Christianity was taught to me but not in ways that removed all doubts. In fact my faith was so shallow and weak because I did not understand so many things that I was taught. Therefore I might have called myself a Christian but my heart did not register what that entailed. It was my lack of faith and abundance of doubt that caused me to label myself a spiritual person. I believed in God but I did not understand how or why. Since something compelled me to believe, at least I had a starting point and a destination that was ahead of me. This is what inspired me study as I matured in life. I wanted to either prove or disprove what I was taught to believe about God.

Obviously using logic and reasoning are not good tools to use for studying spiritual matters. It is because of both of these tools that many scientific people have a hard time believing in a Divine God. The study of God is not logical and you can’t seem to reason with Him. You can’t even come up with a formula that proves the existence of God. In fact, there is so much scientific evidence that contradicts what is written in our scriptures, especially when it speaks about the creation of the universe. Scientists lean more towards the “big bang theory” along with evolution, while scripture says God created all things in six days and rested on the seventh day. Artifacts even reveal things that are older than the genealogy as described by the scriptures, such as in the evidence of dinosaurs and other older relics. That means the time between the creation of Adam and Eve and the days of dinosaurs do not match. Somewhere it appears that millions of years of earth’s time cannot be accounted for. Can both be true? A seed of doubt is all it takes to rattle one’s faith. Since you cannot know God without believing in Him through faith that becomes a problem for many people who are scientific-minded.

The good news for me personally was my honest desire to learn about God. This became the somewhat hidden (X) factor that I did not count on. Since God reads the heart and knows us through that medium, there are certain things that are out of our hands and into the hands of God alone. God is not trying to hide from those who want to know Him. All we need to do is to honestly desire Him and then He will not deny you without just cause. Having an intimate personal relationship with our Creator is the very reason we were created so, desiring God completes His circle of life.

Even though we might be able to lie to ourselves, as was the case for me when I called myself a Christian but did not originally feel certain about my calling, God knew back then what was in my heart. He knew the doubt that I felt as well as the confusion doubt caused in my getting to know Him. He also knew a day would come when my heart would become ripened enough to receive wisdom directly from the Spirit. So, with divine knowledge a seed was planted and over time it was watered, nourished and now the seed has developed into a plant that is capable of producing fruit. Even though I can attest to this happening to me I do not fully know the players that caused this to happen. I believe that it was this invisible God along with His earthly and heavenly angels that caused all things to happen, in accordance to His plan for me. I simply learned to get out of His way so He could complete the work that was started in me, from my very beginning.

God has done things for me that confirmed my belief in Him and gave me the path that I am to follow. My faith has been deepened so you might say that my religiosity has been strengthened. I share my testimony freely because I know there are others who struggle with this thing called faith. I only encourage them to give themselves a chance by honestly opening their heart to give God a chance to prove or disprove Himself. If you are honest with yourself the answer cannot be avoided. God does not ignore such a request. This is my Theory of Religiosity. Selah!