God’s Secrets are not secret

In other words there is nothing that is good, great, excellent, fantastic, marvelous, incredible and all such superlatives that we rave about, that is not available to those that God recognizes as His children. Once aligned with God such things are completely available and assessable. However, the things that separate us the most from manifesting such experiences are stored in the membrane of our minds. As we become more involved in tending to the cares of the world our focus is pulled away from God and instead on things that causes us to worry.

As I was working in my yard this morning, which was a deviation from my usual worrying about things that I don’t have, or watching the depressing news… the Holy Spirit was continuously chattering in my spirit revealing to me many things that I normally do not consider? I was reminded of a statement that Christ made about becoming as a child. This thought prompted me to write about the matter of God’s secrets aren’t really hidden from us. If you remember being a child you may also remember that the cares of the world were not something that was constantly on your mind back then. It was only when you started getting older and conditioned by the world that your focus became attached to the things that we tend to worry about.

Once the energy of worry is firmly etched in place it has a way of dominating our minds and ultimately, our spirit. Worry becomes a dark cloud looming over us obstructing our view of nearly everything. Just at the sun can be temporally obstructed when a storm is passing through, above the clouds the sun is still shinning as it always does. When we are distracted by worry God is still doing all the wonderful things that He always does, but we are distracted by the cares of the world that overshadow our attention span so our view of Him is obstructed. Depending upon how worried one becomes they might at times be blinded by worry. Worry brings on doubt, fears, anxiety, depression and a host of buddies that run in the same wolf pack.

The key to clearing such a pack of deplorable characters is to remember just Who God is and what He is always doing… in, through and for His children. It is at such dark times that we need to turn and face God rather than become submissive to the power of negative forces. Yes, even in the midst of a very ferocious storm the sun is still shining above the clouds as it always does. In the same way, God is always doing incredible things for those that He accepts as His children… and He is always doing so, but your view of Him can be blocked by the spirit of worry.

Do you recall Christ saying, “Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” That is a very curious statement that was just now presented to me in a way that I could clearly understand. Infants (the little ones) are not usually bothered by things like older children or even adults. There is an innocence about them that keeps them from focusing upon such things. When something bothers them they quickly move on to other things that make them feel good rather than dwelling on ones that bother them. They also know that they can depend upon their guardians to take care of things for them so there is no need to worry about things that others will handle for them. In the same manner, the children of God have a willing and able Guardian that will do that and much more because to God, all things are possible.

I also noticed that as we get older and spiritually wiser we tend not to worry as much about things that we cannot control. Firstly, worry doesn’t usually change anything positive… and… after banging your head on that wall so many times before you just resign to the matter at hand. Alternatively, for those who commit their lives to God it is like turning the matter over to the guardian so the Spirit of God could thereby become more prevalent in guiding their steps. Obviously not all people mature spiritually at the same rate so there are those who become even more blocked by those dark clouds of worry. That is one of the main reasons why we should study and learn how to practice our faith. It opens many access doors that life may have restricted, blocked, or closed.

Another thing that the Spirit was revealing to me was about things that we think are secret or hidden. There is a passage that says God does all things for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose. Even logically speaking why would God want to hide anything from His loved ones? The opposite is truer; God wants to expose all His goodness to those who love Him. That is the reason why He created good things. As a parent, would you accumulate a lot of good things for your child and keep them hidden from the child for whom you accumulated them? If we can do good and righteous things, how much more do you think God, who is the author of all righteousness do for His loved ones? We can’t out-good God!

Anyone out there who might be experiencing darkness, and your pain might appear to be unbearable, just know that beyond the storm the sun is always shining. If God allows His children to suffer there is a silver lining through the clouds. Many times He might want to teach you or to build upon your faith, but He even chastises those He calls His children.

“My son, do not make light of the Lord’s discipline, and do not lose heart when He rebukes you, because the Lord disciplines the one He loves, and He chastens everyone He accepts as His son and daughter.” Hebrews 12: 5-6

If you have given your life to God and might be experiencing things that you perceive to be bad, just know that God does only things for the good of the ones He calls. If there is a lesson to learn, then graciously accept His rebukes and be thankful that He is finishing the work He started in you so that you may achieve His godly purposes. God’s Secrets are not secret at all… not to those whom He calls, according to His purposes.