Truth Telling

For those of you that do not understand this title it means simply to tell the truth. I wrote a similar title previous called, “Telling it is as it is.” For many reasons most of us shy away from telling the real truth for our various reasons; some may be warranted and some not. I think it is akin to another popular statement “truth is in the eye of the beholder.” That mean my truth could be much different from yours so again “telling it like it is” means… like I think it is to me. The bottom line is the way we relate to truth is not the way truth IS. Truth is a stand-alone substance. It does not care what you think or how you feel about it, it is what it IS! In the same manner, God IS!

There are instances when we really don’t care to hear the truth because it exposes our imperfections. Many times we already realize our faults but would rather not admit them, not even to ourselves. It takes a matured person to admit their faults so they can seek to improve upon them. That would entail placing your pride and ego in a subservient position to something that is of higher priority to us. An example of that would be our obsessive behaviors. If you drink alcohol obsessively you know that is not in your best interest but you might not admit it because to do so you would have to admit to being an alcoholic, which may be considered a weak person. If friends had the nerves to say that to someone they might be rejected. In this case it has nothing to do with whether it is true or not, but what one is willing to accept. The same is true about other such behaviors.

Using this as a preface imagine how people deal with spiritual truths? Do we always tell the truth? How do we deal with cheating or intentionally deceiving others? How do we deal with being faithful to our significant others? Are we always honest with our loved ones as a rule? The same could be said about how we treat love. Do we have strings attached to sharing love? Do we judge others by standards that we would wish to be judged? Even deeper do we always follow the things that our religious practices entails? Most of us use a form of relativism when we relate to the truth. We might feel that our acts and deeds are not as bad as others so we give ourselves as pass in our own minds. However how we feel about something does not make it truthful. When we deal with spiritual matters using our feelings we could very easily be out of alignment with God’s requirements of those of whom He accepts as His children.

Being truthful I must admit that I suffer from the same human faults. There are things about me that I do not care to admit. As a “project still under construction” I may be improving but I still have a long ways to go. How God will judge me for my faults is a different issue but one thing for certain, how I feel about being less than truthful does not speak well of my character. At this stage I can say this about me even though I might be offended if others would say this about me. With that stated I am only interested in how God will ultimately judge me in the final days. What others say about me means a lot less than what it did before I was interested in pleasing God.

The truth is, once you attempt to come out of the darkness where you were so used to being comfortable, it becomes uncomfortable when the light of God’s truth reveal your imperfections. Initially it might feel like a fish out of water. You might feel naked because in truth, it is walking into a different reality. You were once in a place where the truth was relative but in God’s light the truth is absolute. A little white lie would no longer be cute… the Holy Spirit lets you know that. Cheating, lying, stealing, misleading, debauchery, adultery, course talking, and so many other things that was once foundational parts of your character become illuminating. Your bad deeds become exposed as God began to reshape you into a new creation. The old person must be put to death in order that the new creation can be formed in the image of God’s likeness. As one still going through the process I have to admit that it does not feel good to the carnal mind but to the spiritual mind you know that it is the best thing that could have ever happened to you. A lot of things that used to matter to me are not as relevant now because when you attempt to turn your life over to God you will find that your priorities in life usually change drastically. What you loose here on earth is gained on the other side but you cannot open your eternal gift until you get there. That is the gift of eternal life with God.

If someone ask you is it worth it to go through all the pain and suffering of making such a drastic change in one’s life? All those who have successfully made the change would tell you most certainly yes! But for those who are yet to make the decision to go through the process of surrendering your life to God, it seems like foolishness. Who in their right carnal mind wants to give up all the things that make you feel good right now in exchange for something that you don’t even know for certain could happen after you die? Such is not logical to the carnal mind. It does not make rational sense. Is that really what God expects of those of whom He accepts as His child?

From what I understand God expects of all His children to go though the process of being transformed into a new creation before He will bring their souls over into His kingdom. Sin and other imperfections cannot be in the presence of holiness. If you desire to be in the presence of God you must be willing to shed all things in you that are offensive to God. The absolute good news is the fact that you are not expected to do this by your mental willpower or your physical strength. In fact you are not expected to do this at all. You are only expected to turn your will over to God’s absolute power and He will do the rest for you. This is also the same power that is set to judge you during the final days. I am just telling it like it is so if it feels like I might be judging anyone, I stand to be judged by the same standards, the light of truth. It is not always pretty and it does not always feel good but it is as good as it gets because it is the truth of God. Step in His light… Selah!