A Place without God

I had a lot of things on my mind this morning so I welcomed my time being alone with the Lord walking in the darkness. I was sensing the weight of many things spiraling in my spiritual hemisphere. Such inexplicable things would usually be hard to grasp, but understanding the gravity of it all, at this stage I would expect nothing less. When one desires to know God they must realize that God is not a man… nor are His ways like ours. It is impossible for us to know God except for the bits and pieces that He reveals to us. He selects those who are to fulfill His divine purposes. Such choices belong to God alone. We are but pieces of a very complicated puzzle used to achieve divine will. How we serve in the eternal scheme of things is even that much more incomprehensible. Yet to God… we are very special and completely unique.

Trying to figure out the things of God from a spiritual prospective could lead one into mass confusion. There’s no physical substance that we can hold in the palms of our hands and say, ‘AH HA…look at what I found!’ Although we might be able to feel God through measures that are not through normal sensory channels, still we would be left with no discernible means of explaining to others what we sense. So as it is written, God is unknowable. Logic would inquire, ‘why bother trying to comprehend something that by all accounts is incomprehensible?’ Therefore we might be approaching this very complicated subject from a wrong prospective.

Rather than trying to figure out how mere mortals fit into God’s scheme of things perhaps we should approach this subject from the other side. Since there are clearly things that can be seen, heard, tested, analyzed and otherwise known, why not use what we know in order to gain awareness of what we don’t know. This does not take away anything from Almighty God because we most certainly don’t have that ability. I merely propose that we turn the lens around. True, we cannot know God but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to learn more about the things that were made by God. In a similar manner you can learn a lot about a tree by seeing the fruit it produces. You can likewise learn a lot about the Creator by seeing the works of His hands. The entire universe speaks volumes!

In the physical realm there are zillions upon zillions of things that we can bear witness. Even just one of them would be far too complicated to explain or understand. Take life itself! Who knows how life was formed? Who knows how the universe was formed? Who laid out the dimensions of or the earth, the oceans, the forest, the sun, the moon? Take even one of the many planets God made? Just how many hard disks would it take to contain the countless data that could be ascertained explaining everything about just one of the many planets of the known universe? Start with earth, the one we’re living on.

What is the purpose of ants, earthworms, flies, and other pests? Who made them and how do they sustain life and being? Why were birds given the ability to fly and who figured out the dynamics and mechanics of flying? Who figured how to make eyes that reveal images to the beholder? How can living tissue make up the brain, record memory and give commands to the rest of the flesh in a body? We could ask countless questions about everything that we see or know to exist and still could not explain how, where, when and why they are as they are. But the same Creator created all things, including mortal man. God is in all that exists and we can’t begin to understand how all of this puzzle fits together so yes…God is unknowable!

Rather than trying to figure out God why not instead try to figure out man. What is it about us that makes us the way we are? Do we have a specific purpose or plan? Perhaps the more we learn about us the more we can learn about the One that made us. It is said that we were made in the image of God to be like Him. It is also said that we were given dominion over the earth where we live. We were to be caretakers, carefully protecting and preserving it because it houses our lifelines. Logic tells us that if we continue to abuse and misuse this planet it will cease to function and sustain life for us. If such an important responsibility was left in the care of mankind then a definite ending appear to be written in the stars… soon! Eventually we will bring our own demise. Apparently that is our nature. Does it have to be that way?

We might not be able to agree upon the same God… upon the way to worship or serve God… or even the very existence of a living God, but for certain we have to know that if we do not preserve what we have it will come to an end and it will not be pretty. If some wants to live without an overseeing Protector and Provider God, they have placed their faith in the care of natural man to do what is right and decent in order to maintain life and being? Do you trust man’s track record? For a moment pretend that there were no God!

What if the sun would stop giving us light and heat? What if the rain clouds would never form and bring us rain? Our food supplies would quickly run out and there would be worldwide chaos fighting over what remains. What if the earth fell off its axis by a fraction of a degree causing it to fly out of orbit crashing into other celestial bodies nearby? What if just one star in the sky got out of it’s path…the entire universe who crash into each other causing annihilation of life as we know it. If there were truly no divine God then it would take possibly trillions of centuries to wait before it could reform itself… that is… if evolution was the cause of it all? Even though I cannot imagine the totality of God, I don’t care to imagine what it would be like without God and what He provides for mankind. Apparently He does all this with little gratitude from His most prized creations?

If God pulled Himself out of His creation for a millisecond the world would no longer exist. God forbid anyone who would have to experience such a place. That is the exact definition of what we know to be hell… Hades…a place without God! How ironic! For those who refuse to believe in God, eventually they will get their wish. They will be banished to a place where God does not exists… forever… Go figure!

As for me, I would rather die believing in God than to live without… Selah!