Among Christians this name has become synonymous with betrayal or treason. A person that commit such acts is known as a “Judas.” According to the gospel of Mark, Judas Iscariot turned over our Lord Jesus Christ to the Sanhedrin in the Garden of Gethsemane by kissing him and addressing him as “rabbi” to reveal His true identity to the crowd who had come to arrest Him. This ultimately led to the crucifixion of our Lord. Who knows what would have happened had this betrayal not happened? Had Christ not been crucified we would not have been given the opportunity to be saved from our inherit sin nature. It was through the blood sacrifice of Jesus that we have been given the opportunity to be redeemed to the Father. So in essence Judas was literally used as the proverbial nail used in the hypothetical coffin of our Lord and Savior.

I find this rather intriguing because one could argue that without the betrayal of Judas we would not be in a position of receiving salvation. We would not have the opportunity to be redeemed to the Father. In other words it was through the bad deed of one man that all man could be saved. Likewise it was through the disobedience of the first man that this entire “sin thing” started. The question I would have is, ‘how can the acts of single persons be so detrimental to all mankind?’ The first man Adam sinned causing sin in the bloodline of all mankind. The betrayal of Judas cause the death of one perfect man, Jesus the Christ that reclaimed the possibility of all mankind to return back to God. Could these singular acts be responsible for the fate of all mankind? To the mortal logical mind this does not seem fair or just. But we do not understand the mind of God so we are left with an itch that we cannot scratch.

As I read through the historical records about a character such as Judas amazingly there are so many different points of view from so many resources that would cause anyone to suspect where is the truth in all this. Understanding how difficult early historical records were kept and maintained is at the cusp of the matter. Also the gravity of the Son of Man/the Son of God making an appearance upon the earth that would set the annals of history for eternity would likewise be an issue for imperfect mortals to get exactly right.

If there were only one point of view then we would all be of the same understanding but the records of the times during the first century AD are so diverse that we may never know the exact truth. Hidden records have been found through the years that dispute what became our final version of the Holy Bible. Yet there were so many writers during the times with disputing accounts of the facts that were left out of the final cannons. One could certainly speculate about the roles mortal man played in either covering up the truth or painting it in a way that gave light to a theory that the most powerful rulers of the times wanted to paint. This does not dispute God but reveals the ordinary nature of mankind. Man always taints things in a manner that benefits the nature of man.

The writers of the four gospels included in the Holy Bible all state that Judas betrayed Christ. They also state that the Twelve disciples were hand-chosen by Christ Himself. Christ being One in the Godhead would have known about this betrayal when He chose Judas long before Judas was born so how are we to judge the role of Judas when he was hand-chosen by the Lord? As we try to speculate about the mind of God we will always run into a blocked wall. When we try to match the historical records with what we assume are historical facts and the two do not always jive… what are we to think?

I am convinced that it is not our role to judge the will of God, nor it is our role to set the record straight according to what appeases our mortal minds. God has the ability to Lord over all things on earth and certainly in heaven so I can only yield to God Almighty as the only arbiter of divine truths. Where my theories and speculations causes doubt I am to yield to Almighty God. For all I know Christ might have appointed Judas to play his most significant role in the annals of mankind. Adam was undoubtedly appointed to play his most significant role in the history of mankind. Who are we to speculate and try to judge the mind of our Creator?

Judas played his role and only God will judge him for the purposes that he served. It is not necessary that we worry about things that are not within our powers to control, but instead to yield all things to God Almighty and ask Him to lead us, to guide us, and if possible to show us the way that we must follow that leads us back home to Him.

With this stated you see the things going on in our world today and wonder what roles our leaders are playing according to God’s plan and His perfect divine will. Why are mortal men acting and behaving in ways that appear to be so contrary to what we believe to be Godly or righteous? Why are our leaders acting so contrary to what one would think benefits the Kingdom of God? While we are trying to answer such questions we need only think about the ones such as why Adam the first man was allowed to sin, or why Christ hand-picked Judas His own betrayer. If you think you understand the mind of God then under the circumstances Judas would be considered a hero to mankind. But that is not even something that is imaginable to those who claim to be a follower of Christ. He had to die for us. The roles man plays in God’s divine plan are basically unknown to us.

Trouble not your mortal mind and leave the things of God in the hands of God… and therefore, yield to God alone. I no longer trust in me, my mind, nor the things of mankind. In God alone do I place my trust! Leave the things of God in the capable hands of God… Selah!