The False Narrative, USA

Even though the truth shall set you free, one must always be cognizant of the toxic atmosphere we’re experiencing. Yes, some of my views are based upon my realties and facts in evidence, still others will disagree, especially when my views might be considered disparaging to a country, ideology, religion, or other human distinctions and divisions. I understand that people have different views. With that stated… if the truth is offensive to anyone… then let’s agree to turn to the Truth Maker.

As an African American male born in 1949 in Tennessee you might say I have a story to tell about the America I have personally experienced. My entire life has been lived under a false narrative. I choose not to write about this subject often mainly because it regurgitates my evil demons. It has taken me years to learn how to suppress my anger and disgust in order to live in peace and harmony with some of my fellow Americans who might still hate me just because of the color of my skin. From the offset I do not hate or dislike people who are white, but I do dislike anyone who are filled with hate and bigotry simply because people are different from them.

To write about this subject I have to dig deep into the recesses of my mind and expose open wounds that are still painful to me. On the other hand, if not me, who? I, who have first hand knowledge about the image that has been falsely portrayed of this country, have a duty to share my truth with others who might not have been a living witness. Only the truth can set us free from this country’s ugly history. It started long before this land became a nation or a country. Bigotry and hate are the very foundation blocks upon which this country was built. It has been its guiding pillars for centuries. What has been done in the dark, God will bring into the light of His truth and only then can healing become possible. Does anyone really think God is unaware of this false narrative that America has been espousing? No! God know only the truth?

For the entire history of this country we have been living under a false narrative. America as an idea has never been fulfilled yet some are currently living as though it has already manifested. If we look at the real picture it does not reflect what history clearly reveals. Even the founding documents record statements that were not true; neither does the evidence paint a rosy picture of the founding fathers that wrote those documents. However I must give them kudos for coming up with the possibility of what might be possible. Unfortunately that idea still hasn’t completely manifested, not so far.

I won’t need to review the actual ratified constitution in order to make my point. Just read the preamble to our constitution and juxtapose the historical records of the times when this document was prepared and the false narrative will be fully exposed.

Preamble to the United States of America Constitution

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

So just off the bat, who were the ones classified as “we the people?” Native Indigenous inhabitants who lived and established this land as their home were not included in the “we the people.” In fact they were considered savages and either killed or otherwise herded into reservations. Their land was stolen from them. Are we supposed to forget that bloody image of America the beautiful?

African slaves who were captured and sold as property were certainly not part of the “we the people.” In fact they were not even considered fully human beings but only three fifth of a person. Since they were not considered fully human they were not given human rights. As chattel property there were no laws to stop their owner from legally treating them as inhuman as they chose.

So who were “we the People” the founding fathers were referencing in the preamble to the constitution of the United States of America? Obviously they were the same people that stole the land from its inhabitants. The same “we the people” that enslaved and forced people captured and purchased from Africa to work like animals to build the infrastructure of this country. Obviously the “we the people” had to be Caucasian and believe themselves to be a superior race above God’s other children.

So in the very first sentence of the preamble to our constitution, the very first word, “We” was never intended to include all human beings, but only the white ones who claimed to be the superior race. Forget what the rest of the preamble or the entire constitution states, if this document was only intended for white people then everything about what America claims to be is based upon a false narrative, unless we are willing to concede that it really was intended to include only white people?

For the sake of expediency let’s fast forward up to today and see how much this rosy picture has manifested to become a perfect union with justice, liberty, prosperity for all (white people), for the general welfare of all (white people) and any of the other rosy terms used in this “lying” document. The truth is this has always been a segregated country separated by a class of people who self-declared to be superior to others and thereby gave themselves the right to intentionally hold down anyone that they declared to be inferior to them. To them, the inferior people had no rights and were only a footstool for the white superiority class to stand upon. Do you really think they were trying to promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty for the human beings that consider inferior? Really!

Now I haven’t even began to share even a portion of the ugly history of this country but this should be enough to prove my point about the false narrative we have come to accept over the entire history of this nation. At best the arrogant ruling class are being forced to accept the statues they wrote on paper when enforced by the courts. This was the written law they created. They fought against the enforcement of their paper laws for hundred of years in order to maintain their unearned white privilege.

Generations has passed and the history is quite clear what actually happened then, what is happening now, and what will continue to happen for an unspecified time. The idea of America has been a false narrative that was forced down the thoughts of people of color and only now that history cannot be disputed… will they reluctantly agree to obey the laws of the land that their ancestors wrote. Since they were the keepers of the law for hundreds of years they could get away with disobeying the paper law nearly all the time. Now that the light of truth is beaming on them they can no longer maintain their false advantage or keep promoting this false narrative that no one believes was ever true.

The issue for me is whether to remain silent in hopes that America will grow up from its infancy and develop into the idea that was created on paper. People like me who know the truths are dying out. Most who carried the hatred of bigotry are dying out. A new generation is coming into the picture that neither knows the reality of bigotry nor endorses its venom. To come to terms with this truth I must surrender to the authority and divine will of God knowing that He has a divine plan.

One thing is quite certain, God does not like ugly! Perhaps through the muck and mire a new earth is being shaped in this land? Could America eventually become that shinning city on a hill? However, before that image can become a reality we cannot ignore the truth. We will have to embrace the light of God’s truth in order to become a more perfect union, under God, with liberty and justice for all people. May God Bless America! Please!