Stupid is as stupid does


This phrase was used in the movie called Forrest Gump. It was derived from an older statement, “handsome is as handsome does.” Ultimately it comes down to one that we all know which is, “beauty is only skin deep.” Real beauty is not just a pretty image but along with it comes a beautiful heart and overall a wonderful person regardless of just a pretty face. When you translate the phrase “stupid is as stupid does,” it means that not only does a person appear to be stupid, in every way they exude stupidity. So a stupid person not only acts stupid, but that is what they are as well. They are stupid!

Donald J. Trump famously said, “I could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot someone and I wouldn’t lose voters.” Rational people would not only consider this to be a stupid act, but a stupid statement to make for someone who is running for the highest office in the land. If his statement was considered to be stupid by most rational people, then either his supporters are stupid people or Trump just think they are stupid. I would pick the ladder.

Firstly there are lots of intelligent people that voted for Trump in spite of knowing his true character. Now they are stuck with their decision. In spite of all the things he has done as the sitting president of this nation many of his supporters are still supporting him. That sounds a lot like “stupid is as stupid does,” but I don’t want to prejudge anyone because they have a right to their choice. Secondly I think “45” is really stupid because no rational person would commit such insane acts right out in public and actually think they deserve to get away with them. So to be clear let’s look up the definition of stupidity. I could be wrong in my assessment?

Stupid: an adjective, meaning; a. having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense. b.) given to unintelligent decisions or acts: acting in an unintelligent or carless manner c.) lacking intelligence or reason d.) marked by or resulting from unreasoned thinking or acting e.) lacking interest of point. When used as a noun it means, a person that act using stupidity.

So, now that we understand the term “stupid,” let’s go back to my opinion of our 45th president. He acts in ways that shows the lack of intelligence or common sense. He also makes very unintelligent decisions or acts that are very careless. I really don’t know his IQ but it seems that he lacks intelligence because I hear that he don’t like to read and he refuses to take the advice of intelligent people around him. He actually feels that he is always the smartest person in the room. He said, “I alone can fix it.” He thinks he knows what is best for the country using his extravagant intellect. Next he constantly lies, even at times from one sentence to the next while speaking publically. That definitely comes under the category of unreasoned thinking or acting. And when you hear him speaking at a press gaggle he repeats himself over and over, which is the lacking interest of the point he tries to make. This is my opinion about our 45th president that is supported by his acts, deeds and statements according to the definition in Webster’s dictionary.

Now let’s take a look at those supporters that he claims will follow him no matter what he says or does. We know that “Trump will be Trump.” That is a common statement that many of his loyal supporters make. In essence no matter what this man is… he will have to pay for the debts that he causes to society. However for those who follow him… that says something about his followers. Most of us have heard of the term “guilt by association.” Many also have heard that you are often judged by the company that you keep. Well most of the people who support Trump faithfully have never personally met him. They only know him from the public persona he reveals.

This is where it gets to the point of “stupid is as stupid does” because most of us see this president’s acts through the media daily. His is very upfront and unambiguous in his character. He is brazen, arrogant, vulgar, lacks tact, hot-tempered, chauvinistic, bigoted and most of all, a self-centered narcissist. He actually cares about no one above himself. He readily and quickly throws his people under the bus when they no longer serve his interest.

Just look at everyone that has worked for him since he has been in the oval office. How many have abandoned ship or were tossed under the bus when they no longer served his personal needs? How many good professionals have been character assassinated trying keep in good standing with his ever-changing policies? The party was once steeped with high moral character; fiscally responsible, supporters of the rule of law, and portrayed conservative values. Now they are just puppets in the Trump party. At what point will these intelligent party members decide that the nation is more important than any individual person no matter what office they hold? Trump has already crossed ungodly lines and still they continue to support him. Are they more stupid than he is? At least Trump knows who he is and what he stands for, but his followers claim to represent a more noble cause. Either they are stupid or they don’t know that they stand for!

This is not about debasing the character of a person that happens to represent a certain ideological party, but about recognizing facts that are in evidence. This is about stating the obvious that many good people refuse to acknowledge. We have a terrorist in the oval office that in one single term of office is tearing down hundreds of years of hard work trying to build a democracy. Even if this person were a democrat I would despise him, perhaps even more so because I would be ashamed to say that this was my party’s leader.

How long will we put up with this ignorance, stupidity, law-breaker, divider of brother against brother, mother against child, and human being against each other? America is already headed down a slippery slope of which we may never totally recover… and it was all because of “stupid is as stupid does.” WAKE UP PEOPLE…WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS… Unless we really are, “stupid is as stupid does”…Word!