Who are we?

In society people have to learn how to live amongst each other for their common good. Therefore each of us has a responsibility to one another. My role is to do everything possible to add to the good of others rather than taking away something that might cause them harm. If everyone were more considerate of others our world would certainly be a much better place. Our hope is that we cause no harm upon our fellow human beings. You would hope others would feel likewise but in the current environment that is not the norm. Since we cannot change the behavior of others we are left with the alternative. We can only ensure that we stand firm on who we are.

Because of this toxic environment it is important that we really know thy self. Your morals and values should clearly identify you. When you are challenged you need only to stand firm. If you are on the side of God then it is not your battle to win. God is more than capable of winning His own battles.

As fellow human beings we serve at the expense of each other. It is like the individual members of a human body! The hands have to serve a function that helps the body. The eyes are equally as important in what they serve. What would we do without our legs in terms of getting around? Each body member serves a distinct and very important function to each other. Without each member the body would be at a distinct disadvantage. That is how each of us has a role to play in the body of humanity. In order for the body to be the best is can be each member has to think and operate in a manner that is intended for the common good of the rest of the body. So as an individual cell of humanity, each member needs to know how it can best serve the body.

Since we were so uniquely made there are times when the needs of one might clash with the needs of others. Understanding our differences requires showing respect and human decency. This entails that we should be considered of others when we are doing things. How hard can it be to be watchful of others so you can see if what you are doing will cause harm to others? We should never move about so carelessly that we are not aware of the harm we might be causing. Yes there are times when accidents happen but if our acts have the potential to cause harm upon others… that responsibility should be on us to take the proper precaution. It is almost like owning a lethal weapon. You would want to take the proper precautions to guard against accidents. Likewise where there is a potential to cause harm upon others we should be the responsible party and take extra care.

The more we concentrate on becoming the best version of ourselves the more we help the entire body. Our thoughts and deeds should at minimum be considerate of others. If there were more considerate people than not, then the body of humanity could survive a few bad cells knowing that the rest of the body was there to cover the few shortfalls. Your natural body operates similarly. Cells are born and die all the time. The bad ones are discarded to be replaced by new ones. Fortunately the body is made healthier by this process. Likewise for those few bad cells amongst us we could survive them if there were enough healthy cells to cover the slack.

If we would live, think and operate with the notion that we are cells of humanity then humanity would be of sound health. The problem happens when there are more bad cells than good ones. That is what causes the body to suffer greatly. That is how cancer cells multiply in the body corrupting the good ones. That ought not to be. The good cells have a moral duty to stand up to insure the health of the entire body: That must have been our Creator’s master plan.

I choose to believe that there are more “good” and decent people in the world than “bad” ones. The problems occur when the good people just remain silent. Many rather remain silent with the notion of “live and let live.” I propose an alternative way of being. The silent majority should speak out and show who they are. God’s children should step up and stand out by purposefully making sure they are doing the good they can. We can achieve this by helping others just because it is the right thing to do. When a body member is down someone should be there to help them get back on their feet again. We should always strive to be good neighbors and concerned citizens looking out for the needs of others just as you would like to have them do unto you.

Who are we? Seldom are we given an opportunity to draw such a clear distinction when it comes to defining the self. We are the people. We are individual cells of the body of humanity. As members of humanity we have a moral duty to one another. Our function is to do our part so the people who can’t do as well can survive. As members of our body suffer it causes the body of humanity to suffer. That ought not be because certainly there are more healthy cells than unhealthy ones. We need the healthy ones to stand up and be who they are for the sake of the entire body. We are the people that care. We can no longer stand by silently and allow the unscrupulous, indignant cells define our body. We are the children of the Most High God!