God’s Assignments

While returning from one of my study group meetings the Spirit brought this topic to mind. Prior to my acceptance of the Lord as my Savior I would often wonder why some people tend to have so much and others had little to nothing at all. That would appear to be so unfair. If you accept that God is all powerful and capable of doing anything He desires, why would He allow such disparity? Even though I still wrestle with this topic from time-to-time… the Holy Spirit reminds me that my thoughts and ways are not like God’s thoughts and ways. The things that I am capable of understanding would fit on top of the tip of a needle while all the mighty oceans of all the worlds combined could not hold all of God’s wisdom. This is because God’s wisdom supersedes all things that He created. There is even more wisdom that may never be revealed to us in His reservoir. So the simple way the Holy Spirit uses to get me to cool down my jets is to say, Greg…stay in your lane! Nothing else is required because then, I get it!

It is from that vast storage of wisdom that God issues His carnal and spiritual assignments. We remotely know about the realm of mortality, but the same God assigned the heavenly angels to their positions and purposes as well. God is superior over all things in the heavens and upon the earth. Another way of thinking this is that God is in all things that He created because they were made from and by Him. The argument most want to have at this point is how did evil come into existence if God is only Holy and good? For that I would again answer, ‘stay in your lane!’ For those that might want to pursue such arguments I would say, focus only upon what God will have you to do with your assignments. When you feel that you have mastered your self then perhaps you can go back to God and inquire of more.

By the title “Godly Assignments” I am referring to the stations we come into this world of carnality. That would be the place, date, time and all the circumstances of our birth. It would also include your sex, race, culture and every single thing that make you who you are. It was not your selection that brought you here but God who gave you the gift of life and assigned you a purpose and a reason. So many people seldom or ever seek this knowledge but either consciously or not God is watching you. He knows His plans for you to prosper and gave you His special gifts or abilities to accomplish what He sees in you. Only God knows of His assignments. If a person wanted to pursue such knowledge they would need to inquire of God only. We cannot become complete or whole without going through our Maker. There is no plan B!

As I look back over my life I would question why God placed me where I was assigned. A typical human response is to want things that you see others may have that you don’t. You may desire to have skills that you admire in others. You may wish to be taller or shorter, larger or smaller, White rather than Black, Native Indian rather than Asian. All of these individual assignments were done by your Maker and they were done intentionally and for a reason. The main reason is because God wants you to learn something specific from the assignment He gave you. You weren’t intended to be as the others, nor can you unborn yourself and start over again.

Although I will not judge people who go through sexual reassignment I would hope they made their choice prayerfully because it alters what God assigned. That would be an issue between the Maker and the made, and again, such is not in my lane. Yes there are many who would judge such persons but unless you were born in their shoes you can’t know what it is like to be them. God will do the proper tending and that is a covenant between the Maker and the made; the Potter and the pot.

A scripture reference is in Jeremiah18:6 where the Lord says: “Can I not do with you, (Israel), as this potter does?” declares the Lord. Like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in my hand, Israel.” The Lord was referencing His chosen people in this case but likewise we are all the work of the Potter’s hands and God decides how we are to be used.

Another scripture from the book of Isaiah 64:8 where the prophet says:

“But now, O Lord,
You are our Father;
We are the clay, and You our potter;
And all we are the work of Your hand.”

One of the absolute beauties about God, and there are millions, is the fact that when He made us He also had a complete plan for us. He knew your full potential but that does not mean that we don’t get off track if we so choose. Some are of the opinion that since God is omnipotent why does He allow us to do things that are contrary to Him or His plans for us? The simple answer is because He gave us free will. That means that if we choose to we could even deny God, disobey God or even disassociate with God. Obviously that would not be His plan but free will means just what is says, you have the freedom to go against God’s will, the Potter’s plan. However, in saying this one must understand that there are consequences for all our acts, thoughts and deeds. The cost for such defiance is unimaginable knowing the unlimited power that God has. So as our Lord says, woe to those who cross God!

Before the Potter’s plans can unfold a person has to want God. They must desire what He has to offer to them. We are not forced to choose or to obey God. Once the desire come from us then the Helper is activated in us. Since God already know all there is to know about us…all we need to do is invite Him into our lives and to be willing to accept His reshaping or remolding you into an image that is acceptable according to what He had in mind rather than what you might have speculated. If you want to know what the Potter had in mind for you then you can only get that information from the Potter Himself. Selah!