Dare to be you…

Do you know who you are? I would dare to say that you only know what others have told you that you are. The real you more than likely have not been fully exposed yet because for now you are willing to accept what others told you rather than digging down deep into your soul where the real you exists. Truth be known, only your Maker can reveal the true you because He made you with a purpose. There is a reason for that purpose that only God can reveal. It was a gift of life from HIM to you.

It dawned upon me that I really don’t know who I am at the core of my being. I know what has been poised to represent me but seldom if ever do the real me come out unmasked. Why is that…because everything I thought I was, actually was spoon-fed to me by others. In essence I am the product of what I was taught. I am a product of the environment from which I was (raised) indoctrinated. But… is that the real me?

Think about it! How often did you have the opportunity to dictate your own thoughts and acts when you were young? You were told when to wake up, to brush your teeth, to come to the table and eat what was prepared for you and then perhaps you had some playtime with toys that were bought for you. In addition you may have watched television that plays entertainment programs that producers developed using exorbitant imaginations or product commercials using psychological studies as to what sells best to potential consumers. They produce programs that tell you what to purchase and even what you should like. They also tell you what is good for you. Since the larger corporations dictate what products hit the market and sell, chances are we are all products of what big money purchases.

When you attend school you are told what to study, what to learn, when you can go to the bathroom, to behave in a civil manner, to share things with others and to be a nice person based upon a chosen set of morals. You controlled hardly any of this. You were merely going along for the ride until the adult stage kicked in… that is an entirely different ride.

You are told what to believe about God, about your spouse, about your family, about your coworkers, and about your boss. You have responsibilities to support your family and take the best job that you qualify for, even if you don’t like what you do. Just how much are you in control over your life? Do you really control your own destiny? Do you really have free will? Are we not all slaves to the almighty dollar? Can I really live anywhere I want to? Can I afford the car of my dreams? Do I live the lifestyle that makes me thoroughly happy? When can I dare to be the real me?

If I haven’t completely depressed you by now you are a tough and well-adjusted cookie. Do you know that the only way that you can really know who you are is by acquiring that information from the One that made you? Even though God had a specific purpose for you… are you fulfilling His divine purpose? Are you doing what you were designed to do? I can assure that if you have not connected with your Maker there is very little you know about your full potential.

So how does one even began to learn how to become their authentic self? You start at the very beginning and that is with your Maker. You get to know God so He can show you what His plans are for you and even how to go about doing them. To become one with God you must accept what God accepts and deny what God denies. One cannot become godly and practice things that are offensive to God. The two polarities cannot exist in the same space because they fill opposite ends of the spectrum. Good and evil are on opposite ends of the same spectrum so they cannot live in harmony with each, one will squash out the other depending upon which is stronger in you. Therefore one must master the good and destroy the evil within them. This is assuming that the authentic you is not from the evil one. Should that dye be cast upon anyone they would have no desire to become one with God!

There is very little that one needs to do once you connect with God because the Teacher shows up once the pupil is ready to receive His lessons. It is through the various processes and lessons where the authentic self is uncovered. This is where God reveals to His child the purpose and reason for their being.

Dare to be you! Dare to reject the false narrative naysayers say about you knowing that you are a royal priesthood, the child of a King, one born with a divine mission to cast light into the world by becoming a beam that God uses. Dare to be your authentic self. Dare to be a child of the living God!