A leap of faith…

As I look back over my life I wonder how did I arrive at this particular juncture in time. Born over threescore and ten years ago, I have personally witnessed so many major changes in life itself that makes one ponder. Did I somehow will myself with my own power to get here, or did I simply follow the path that was laid out before me? Through so many winding roads and turns it would have taken a miracle to get me from where I started on the date of my birth to right in this moment where I stand. God knows that I did not do it alone; this was not the result of some sort of master planning on my part. To me it felt like I was placed on a raft with no paddle drifting from shore to shore not knowing where I might land. Even though I made quite a few critical decisions about my life I had limited choices or resources at hand as I was going through it. Therefore it appears that there is some other Power was at work over our lives.

Even before birth so many things had to merge in order that my ancestors made it through their life journey to pass down my family heritage. I can only imagine how precise this Power has to be in order to control thousands of years and countless events in order that I would be born. Could it be have been only random events that eventually produced me or was my birth ordered by divine design? Either way I was not in control of the venue of my birth. That decision was made by some other Entity. When you think about just how precise and incredible it is that you became who you are and the countless links that caused you to be you… it is difficult to argue against Divine Power. No amount of luck or good fortune could account for the preciseness of life, creation or being. Even though we might not fully understand the precise nature of God we know that something mighty powerful is at the controls of what we know as life.

I find it totally unbelievable that a single strain of DNA actually created itself and joined other strains to create life and being. I find it totally unbelievable that an atom joined other atoms to create matter and collected to form planets, galaxies and the entire universe. For this to accidentally happen by random events would be like me taking a hand full of sand, toss it up in the air and when it lands on the ground to spell out my name in ten different languages. That is how unbelievable it sounds that the universe created itself. In addition we would have to refute everything that is already before our eyes because all of God’s work stands before us and we can see it with the eyes that He created for us to see. Unless you think an eye could randomly created itself over millions of years.

Yes, I believe in God, I just need help with my unbelief: To help me with that it calls for a leap of faith. Everything required to believe in God is right here in evidence. Nothing that was made could have possibly made itself. As logical beings we are fairly smart. We have learned how to make some fairly impressive things. Look at the cellphones or computers or our fancy automobiles or medical technology and equipment. Look at our war toys and the space station that is currently flying hundreds of miles above the earth with astronauts spending time out there performing experiments. Everything I just mentioned had a maker and man made each one of them. Is there anyway that any of these items could have made themselves? Perhaps with luck we could continue tossing up metal and eventually it would fall down and become an automobile. Perhaps circuit boards would eventually make themselves if we give it a few more million years of random falling? If man is smart enough to learn how to create things, where do you think man got his creation abilities from? Oh! Random events!

Even scientist eventually come to the conclusion that life is far too sophisticated to have made itself from a series of random events. But since they do not understand the power of God they stop short of declaring there must be a Creator. At the same time God has been telling mankind that I AM created you and I AM wants to have a relationship with you but man cannot come to the conclusion that I AM could possibly be real. I AM THAT I AM! YHWH! YEHWEH!

At one point it will require a leap of faith. When you can no longer believe in luck or random events perhaps you will acknowledge just how powerful and incredible I AM must be and that I AM is only waiting on you to call upon I AM.

God cannot be sensed through the brain or the mind. God is only Spirit and must be known in Spirit and in Truth. It requires a leap of faith to get there. It is not by your power that God reveals Himself but through your submission, your humility and your willingness to acknowledge His holiness and sacredness. You cannot come before God with your puffed attitude and with your unbelief.

Yes I believe in God but I just need help with this unbelief that continues to plague me! God says, “I AM THAT I AM!” That is going to have to be good enough for me to take a leap of faith!