Wedges of Division

As it turns out, we are not of one mind. We all do not think alike, act alike, believe alike, behave alike or even resemble each other in many ways. Well guess what, neither does the rest of God’s creation. Have you looked at a giraffe? Does it think like a mouse? Does it act like a mouse, or does it even resemble a mouse in any way? Have you notice the diversity among the sea creatures? Are they all alike? Have you noticed the flying creatures that inhabit the sky, do they all look alike?

Why do we suppose God made things so differently if He expected them to somehow all be the same? It is because in all things created He reveals the works of His hands. Even the skies reveal the works of His hands. Of all creation none dispute one another so why do mankind, God’s most cherished creations create divisions among themselves? Even though we are not of one mind we were all created in the likeness of our Maker. If God IS in you… then why would you hate your brother or sister of creation? There is no other Maker of the universe… there is only One!

When God made all things He spread Himself throughout all of creation so they would be able to realize His fullness through sharing. God gave each a special gift, a special knack; something unique that He did not give to others so in coming together we could experience more of His true presence. Imagine if He had given all to some and none to others, what type of God would that be? We look at the distribution of God’s special gifts by human measurements but God measure them by the souls He placed in each mortal being. Just because a gift might appear to be larger or smaller by human standards that does not reflect what God sees. To each is given the measure that God knows is required to complete the mission of the soul making it whole and complete, not lacking anything.

You see others and wonder why some have more and some have less, you would think that the least amongst us would inherit the most in God’s kingdom? We see things with mortal eyes but the Lord gives to each their measure of what they can handle. For those who can handle much, much is given and for those who can handle less, less is given. If you have nothing then God knew that you could not handle even a little. If a “little” would corrupt the soul then be exceedingly glad that this world does not defile you. Best enter the kingdom of heaven with nothing than to loose your immortal soul over worldly goods. Be content that the Lord knows your soul and issues to each the measure appropriate to their spiritual development. The Lord wants all His children to be prosperous, however His rewards are stored in the Kingdom of Heaven… not here upon the earth.

So where did this division start? Do we not know that we all make up the body of human beings? We all are indeed members of one human family. There is no other body of human beings on this planet. The apes and primates make up their own body. Since we are one body there is a reason why our Creator made things as they are. God doesn’t make mistakes so we need to seek His reasons and learn from His intent. We can only achieve that by seeking knowledge from God. Only He can open the eyes of understanding by imparting divine wisdom.

Just as your body has so many members, the human family has so many members yet as the eye is a part of your body, so are you a vital member of the entire human body. Each one of your body parts is that vital and should be cherished because they serve a special function. Likewise we are different members of the same body and serve according to the will of our Creator. No, the eye does not look like the foot or the ear does not look like the hand but each is very important to the body they serve. Likewise all of us are important to the body that we serve. There should be no division amongst us because collectively we make up God’s physical body here on earth. In us He placed a special part of Himself so there should be no schism in the body, but members should have the same care for one another. And if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; or if one member is honored, all members rejoice with it. 1 Corinthians 12: 25-26

However, not all the members of this body wish to serve the same Lord and that is mostly what this division is all about. If we only realized that there is but one Creator and through the very members of our bodies of flesh flows the breathe of life that He alone blew into these human shells. He also placed in them a soul and spirit that do not belong to the body but to the Spirit that is of God. So if you choose to remain at enmity with the fellow members of the body of God your soul too shall be separated from the body that IS God. If that is your wish... then the wedges belong to you. God will have no part in them! Ears to hear!