Our Pound of Flesh

Unless a predator has victimized you personally, it is hard to imagine the pain inflicted upon people by heartless, cruel monsters. In this world we are not short of such victims. Our hearts go out to them as they seek relief from their suffering. This is not something that you would measure by means of who suffered the worse. The degrees of suffering are not relevant because there is no measurements to determine how much, how long, how deep, or how demoralizing individuals suffer. For some the threshold of pain is higher and for some the threshold is very shallow, that is not our call to determine. Our task is to help them recover as well as possible and to be there for them when needed.

When one suffers, albeit great or small, what is the first thing that needs to happen? Healing! The process of healing can be long and arduous. It could take many steps and cover long periods of time. However one thing that is certain, healing can only happens in the now moment. Tomorrow is yet to come and it never gets here. Where life happens is in the right now moments. On the other hand the events that caused all this suffering happened in the past, a time before now. So healing has to happen in the now moments. Our challenge is to find a way to bring it to the now moment: and to find a way to sever the chain that continues to pull us back in the past.

Some view suffering by way of relativism. For example, my suffering was really bad but at least I did not have to go through the holocaust, or enslavement, gang rape, the murder of an innocent child, killed by a drunk driver, victim of a mass deranged shooter, child molester, and on and on. It appears to be no end to the evils mankind is willing to commit on others. Typically those victimized want to be vindicated. They want their pound of flesh. They want the predator to feel their pain and suffering at an equal or greater degree than they suffered. Although that is a typical human response, the scale can never be balanced? The victims will never be made whole again. It is not as though taking a pound of flesh from the predator can be fused into the victim’s soul and they are made whole. It only takes them back to the event that caused the suffering.

Though I have suffered many losses and experienced victimization, looking back I can’t say that I recall my oppressors suffering because of what they did to me. Even though the pain did diminish over time I am not sure my oppressors had anything to do with me getting over the suffering. My reliance had to come from my faith and belief in a Higher Power and the fact that I know that vengeance belongs to the Lord alone. I am more healed by the love and support that I received from others. Quite frankly giving the predator the power to continue to victimize me over an unspecified period of time causes continuing suffering as apposed to finding a way to sever the source that caused the suffering in the first place.

No matter how deep and long the suffering has penetrated, allowing it to continue causing pain by insisting upon a pound of flesh keeps the wound open inside and keeps healing in abeyance. Vengeance is not a healing substance, quite the contrary it is the intent to inflict injury, harm or humiliation upon another. The use of negativity to achieve something positive is not how the universe was formed. In fact those very monsters that causes all this suffering and that promote evil were not formed from positive attributes. They were created out of the bowels of the evil one. Using or otherwise allowing that source to use you cannot achieve positive results, it only can bring you a pound of worthless flesh not even worthy of the sewer.

In our world there are predators that literally get away with their dastardly deeds from the arms of the law. Yes some are caught and if found guilty are sentenced to a form of punishment to give their victims justice. In our imperfect system so many get away with evil acts but in the system that God created, not one morsel of evil is unpaid. Every single knee shall bow before God at the time of reckoning. God will take care of them. However if you insist upon feeling vindicated by extracting your pound of flesh that that same evil can consume the heart and defile you as well. That is why God wants us to bring our pain to Him and trust His vengeance. It is His alone to give.

I do not make light of suffering, so many have suffered unjustly and some of the perpetrators will never be brought to justice, not in this world. My concern is for those who have suffered… do not allow the pain to cause eternal suffering from the corruption of the heart. It is though the heart that records the deeds of the soul and it is through the soul that God reads souls returning from this world. If your soul is corrupted then you become a corrupted fruit. The price for carrying revenge is far too much to pay. Let God have it and trust that pound of flesh you are seeking will be multiplied when extracted from the immortal soul… ones that has eternal consequences.

Christ Himself made this act simple:

If your right eye causes you to[j]sin, pluck it out and cast it from you; for it is more profitable for you that one of your members perish, than for your whole body to be cast into hell.” Matthew 5:29

If any body part, especially the heart, causes you to sin, cast it from you. Cast the evil out from your heart or it will cause the entire body to be cast into hell. Revenge extracted by man is at best imperfect but vengeance by God leaves no stone unturned. Woe to those that has to answer to God!

Give God your suffering and He can also bring to you your healing. Forget the pound of flesh, it is worthless and shall return to the ground from which it was formed.