Your Highest Priority

If you were asked what are the three most important priorities to you in the entire universe at this very moment, how would you answer? That question might take me a few minutes to ponder but what’s coming to me right off the top is my health, my family and my ability to secure the resources to cover my daily needs. That is not a bad list but notice that all were about my needs. Since that was the question obviously it turns back to the self. Just a brief explanation of my answers I would say that without my health it would be very hard to function as a living being. Therefore if unable to function there would be little I could do for others or myself. Next my extended family is that important to me because without their love and support I would feel all alone in the world without a cushion to lean upon. And thirdly my access to resources to cover my daily needs is likewise important because if your needs are not taken care of then life could become relatively unmanageable.

Now this is all about my self-reflection but your three top priorities may be different from mine and you have had a moment to think of yours so go for it. Write it down your priorities and explain why.

Now that I have had a moment to introspect perhaps I would have answered differently. Being as a person that calls himself spiritual and even claiming to be a servant of God, shouldn’t some sort of rapport with God have been within the first three of my priorities. The thought being, if I place God first in my priorities then everything else on the list should be covered, hypothetically? Well that would test my faith. If I truly believe in God then I would know that there is nothing that is impossible to God but certainly there are tons of things impossible to me. So naturally if I started with God at the top then none of that other stuff would be impossible because God could, if He desired, fulfill the rest of my needs. Theoretically yes! Again, how strongly do I believe? As I go through this rational process it chastens me because even though spiritually I know the right answer, carnally my mind tells me to get real!

So let’s go back to the question again and slightly change it. What are the two most important things to you at this current moment? Again I might say truthfully my health because if I am unable to do things for others or myself then I am of very little use…not to me, or God or others. Logically that make sense but now based upon giving the question a little more thought I would then place God next. Well all right! Do you really mean that you would place God second to anything in the universe? My response to that would be, if I weren’t physically able then I could not turn to God… buzzzzz…WRONG ANSWER! The opposite would be true. If there were no God there would be no you! Since God has authority over all things then He could heal you or let you go, but the choice is His and not as much yours. Besides, if you were indeed a servant you would know that absent the body, present with the Lord.

Well, I guess I am not doing too well with this test. Twice I have put God either last or second. That ought not to be. Why am I waffling with this test?

Okay, let’s go back again to the question and slightly change it once more. What is the single most important priority to you in the entire universe bar none? Keep in mind that you might have failed the first two tests?

Well, after much consideration and a lot of time to reflect and introspect upon the question, I guess I should place God first? …Is that your final answer? Well yes, but there is something that is keeping me from giving it a full-throated and resounding YES!!!

So think about this, it you were unwilling to place God first in your life, what does that tell you about where you stand at this very moment in time? Now I am the writer of this narrative but I allowed myself to answer truthfully before thinking. Also this was only my test to myself but your test to yourself would certainly be different from mine, wouldn’t it? Be truthful! The truth is… there is no pass or fail in this exam but we all should reconsider what are our highest priorities in life? God most certainly should be somewhere at or near the top of your priorities if you claim to be a follower…

As for me, I still have more homework to do. I am not quite a ripened fruit yet!