The Reality of God

This is a subject that I often think about, especially as I am having my early morning walk long before the sunrise. It is easy to look up in the heavens and admire the works of God’s hands. I am so amazed and can only give Him praise and show gratitude. The more time I spend with Him in that peaceful environment… the more I feel His presence. Although it is hard to verbalize this subject I will share the thoughts that come into my mind, as I spend time alone with God in the early hours before daybreak.

So many people do not have a relationship with the Most High God simply because they do not know Him. It is almost like the phrase, ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ If they can’t see something many find it hard to believe in what they can’t see or otherwise experience with their five senses. Since they do not perceive God in a physical manner it is difficult to develop a relationship with something so intangible. This is why faith and trust are so important when attempting to get to know God. It is quite difficult to develop a personal relationship with something you don’t know.

According to most intellectual and logical minds God is Spirit and the only way you can know Him is, as He exists, in Spirit and in Truth. We sort of know what truth is but only in a way that we usually perceive it. Our truth is mostly our perception but that is all we have to go by. What you perceive or believe has the most impact upon you or how you might react to something. Consequently before you can even get close to the reality of God you have to get over how you perceive or learn to believe in things. This is in reference to the truth, but when speaking of “Spirit” we have an even deeper subject to understand. Since Spirit is neither logical nor intellectual it is like trying to grasp a hand full of air. What is it, where is it, how do I, how do I… It’s hard!

As I continued my walk in the early morning undistracted by the business of life I gazed up into the heavens and wondered, ‘where did all this stuff come from?’ Surely it did not just appear by itself billions of years ago. The universe is too vast consisting of trillions of trillions of things and they all could not have suddenly appeared one day by themselves. Regardless to my perception, the heavens still reveal the works of the Creator’s hands because it is all there before our very eyes. Though I might not be seeing God.... I am seeing what either God or some creative force(s) created out of nothing because certainly before all this stuff appeared, nothing was there. This is what logic and intellect tells us. It is also what our science would agree with. Something had to have caused all things to exist. So let’s leave that thought in a box by itself for the moment.

So as I am looking up into the heavens in the dark of morning I wonder how far is the farthest star out there that I can see? If it is indeed millions or billion or trillions of miles away, what fills all that empty space between the farthest star I can see and me here on earth? That thought brings me back to earth again. Our little planet has an atmosphere that has air that we use to breathe to sustain life. A process of photosynthesis creates air. Its complicated but our planet has air that we can see through and it helps us sustain life. At a certain point outside of the earths atmosphere there is no air but space continues. Between our planet and the most distant body in the distance there is empty space. What makes up all that empty space? Surely there are things in the space that we cannot see but a lot of stuff is in all that vastness of space. Also, something caused that empty vastness to exist because surely that much space did not just come into being by itself. There is so, so, so much of what we consider to be empty space. Since space itself has properties something had to cause it to exist. I wonder what’s out there in the vast empty space? Then I come back down to earth in my shoes and think. Whatever made all of this stuff must have made me, and you, and the earth, and the galaxy and the entire universe as well. Perhaps it took an entire team of godlike beings that caused all this stuff to appear. Again, hold on to that thought, put it in a box as well with a bow.

Then I began to wonder, where in the heck are all these thoughts that I am having coming from. Are they just streams of consciousness bombarding my mind causing me to think? Oh, so something is coming into me causing me to have thoughts. Surely this living body is not capable of maintaining life on its own without some sort of contributing force. And for a mind that is a function of the brain to have thoughts and receive thoughts…that is totally amazing, it is mind-blowing stuff! That must mean that whatever source out there that caused all this stuff to appear is also communicating with me just as it relates to everything else that came into creation… I just need to learn how to interpret the language that is coming to me from this unimaginable source. Could something so unimaginable and so powerful actually reach down and communicate with something that is less than one grain of sand on all the beaches in all the worlds combined? That’s not logical! Well…whoever said that God would be logical?

So what am I to conclude about this reality of God? One thing for certain is that this entity called God is certainly not like a mortal being because nothing mortal could live that long, since the beginning of time. Oh, He also made time so go figure! Nothing started until He said so! I guess that means that nothing will end until He says so. Again, who said it was a He? Regardless, this presence that we call God is also omnipotent, that means God can be in all places at the same time in all realities, spiritual, physical or other. So that would imply that this presence could be standing or walking right beside me as I am taking my morning walk. It is also there as I am going about my business from moment to moment, day after day… Really! Even the thought of that blows my mind! Perhaps I need to dress up a bit if I am in the presence of holiness?

I wonder if God has a sense of humor!

I hope He don’t strike me down for some of my really bad thoughts!

Well, it’s a good thing that God is not like us human beings, or we would all be in deep stuff!

God is real… He is closer than you might think…and He wants to have a real close and personal relationship with you…WOW! You too can take a walk alone with God…