Mining for the good

This might sound corny but people should spend more time at lifting each other up rather than tearing each other down. I say this because there appear to be a very dark cloud hovering over the earth. The overall state of consciousness on this planet has become very toxic. You don’t need to be a spiritual guru to notice this.

People are becoming more cynical. They do their wicked deeds right out in public with no shame or remorse. There was once a time when we had guardrails that would somewhat restrict such outlandish behaviors. Now it appears those guards have been shattered.

We are currently going though a period of time where it’s all about selfish ambitions. People are seeking their own gains to the detriment of others. Since this is the prevalent attitude of those who have the power and prestige to dictate the behavior of others… the meek can only fall in line like sheep headed into the slaughterhouse. Few are motivated towards doing good because they see no profit in doing so. Besides, in this toxic atmosphere the good seem fall to the bottom.

With the advancement in technology along with the lack of moral guidance people are becoming more embolden to appease their sinful desires. If it makes you feel good then so be it! We must remember that human beings are members of the animal species and are guided by certain basic instincts. If they are not restricted by a set of moral principles the outcome will not lean towards good behavior. Their pursuit is for personal gain, which is the behavior you see in most lower animals. They see something and just go for it no matter what. Without moral guidance we are no better than our animal instincts.

Take an empty field by the roadway. If nothing is done to maintain that space eventually wild weeds will grow. Only the stronger ones will dominate the space. Some plants are stronger than others; some require more water than others, some more sunshine and other more shade. If there is no external force (gardener) maintaining the lot then only the strong will survive. The weak will be chocked out. Similarly if you leave a group of children alone to provide for themselves, many could not survive. Their normal development would not be well-mannered, moralistic or even good. They would only resort to their basic human nature, which would be to survive at any cost.

We are experiencing a very unique point in the history of mankind where our young are exposed to many influential things because of technological advancements. Additionally we no longer have enough guardrails in place to ensure the proper moral and spiritual guidance. Children unchecked do not turn out well. The more they are taught a set of good morals the better they respond to the challenges of life they must face.

There was a time when institutions such as the houses of worship or public schools carried the torch of teaching high moral behavior. That is no longer the case! Churches are diminishing. Teaching moral principles have essentially been outlawed in public institutions because the might infringe upon the rights of others. The old guardrails we that we once relied upon are no longer in place at a time when there is more negativity influencing our children. From outward appearances things are going down… not up!

I just stated the problem but coming up with a solution requires a change in the consciousness of mankind. Who can create such a worldwide phenomenal that could make such an impactful change in society? Is there anyone amongst us capable of motivating us towards good? This was once the role we gave to the one we call God but now that the world has shrunk we can’t agree upon the same God. Besides if God is no longer taught to the upcoming generations, who cares about this righteous stuff?

The thought came to me, why don’t we just start mining for goodness in ourselves? Since man was build in the image of God, surely there is goodness in him but you can’t get it to come forth unless it is cultivated. If people were trained in the ways of God such behaviors would surface where the desire would be to do the good rather than the opposite. Wouldn’t that be a really good idea? Yeah but it would never catch on because those in power want to retain their power and they are the only ones capable of making such decisions. Those with wealth want to increase their wealth so they will not allow others to have any because it would take away their source of greed. So what does this all mean? Are we really destined to sink even lower until there would be hell on earth? Although that appear to be the case… I for one am not ready to give up on God.

God created this world. Many people on this planet still belong to Him. Although no man is capable of causing something so powerful to change the hearts and minds of man, God IS. God does not make mistakes. All you see before you is happening for a reason. Perhaps He wants us to see what He sees and by our own accord wish to turn and seek His face and allow Him to heal our lands. In the meanwhile the rain will fall on the just and the unjust. But there is one unmistakable difference. Everyone that belongs to God need not worry…not about this world, not even about death. What is to be most certainly will be. A day of reckoning is at hand so put on your full armor, wash yourself in His blood. Eternity is at hand for those who love God, but woe to those who don’t.

In the meanwhile keep mining for the good in others. Try to extract as much as possible because in doing do you are capturing the most precious commodity this wicked world has to offer. Bodies will fall but souls will rise. Seek the Lord while He can be found on this god-forsaken land. It is the Lord that is mining the good from amongst us. Praise God Almighty! Praise the Lord God YHWH!