Mirror, mirror on the wall…

The dictionary word of the day is eye-minded, which means being disposed to perceive one’s environment in visual terms and to recall sights more vividly than sounds or smells. It is through our eye-mindedness that most of us develop our sense of the natural world. It is as though seeing is believing, which makes the opposite also true, not seeing is not believing. When it comes to godliness that could be a huge problem because no man alive has seen God. And if you do not believe in God it is as though He doesn’t exist.

There is also a statement that says you can’t see the forest for standing in the middle of the trees. This has to deal with the prospective from which you are viewing things. Naturally when standing below the level of the trees one could not see the complete forest for the trees blocking their view. On the same token as we are standing in the middle of life it may be difficult to see it as it is happening all around you. With the passage of time life could be practically gone before you realize that you are in it.

Unfortunately most of our perceptions of life itself has to deal with the seen world in order for us to get a grasp of things. If our reliance is based mostly upon the seen we severely limit our possibilities because most certainly there is an entire universe, both seen and unseen that would be virtually inexistent to you. On the other hand that is why we have imaginations; this gives us the ability to see things in our minds that gives us the impression of seeing them. This also is what faith and hope are, imagining things that you cannot see but being inspired by them, which is what generates hope.

I remember as a child imagining what I wanted to become. Although I could not see such things with my eyes, I saw them in my mind’s eye. Our dreams could be premonitions or revelations of things that are yet to come true in the future. What child has not used this ability, many of whom achieved greatness? Nearly every creative artist, entertainers, professional athletes, CEOs, and most highly successful people either dreamed or imagined things far beyond their current abilities long before they became realities. So if you are only eye-minded you might be cheating yourself of scores of possibilities. Not only in the natural world but of the supernatural realm the possibilities are infinite.

So, mirror, mirror on the wall tell me what do you see? Much of our natural lives are only illusions, but if you are paying attention you would not limit yourself to being only eye-minded. Optimist sees life half full while pessimist sees it half empty but to those who see the world through the eyes of the Spirit there are endless possibilities and no reason why you should restrict yourself.

There was a time when I looked into a mirror and was not at all pleased with what I saw. But once the spirit came over me, now I see what God sees. Though my image was imperfect and even disfigured from the damages that sin cause to the body… that is only the outer shell. God sees the soul and spirit inside of me. It too was damaged and disfigured from a life of sin but with the acceptance of God I no longer see things that obstruct my vision. God’s vision is unlimited and that is what He is revealing to me. Once you accept Christ then God will reveal to you things that no eye has seen.

“So from now on we regard no one from a worldly point of view. Though we once regarded Christ in this way, we do so no longer. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: the old has gone, the new is here! All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation:” - 2 Corinthians 5:16-18

The renewed spirit rises above and sees the new larger picture, one that far exceeds physical restrictions, When God open the eyes of the soul you see what He sees. Fortunately our sins are no longer counted against us because we become new creations, the old self has gone and the new one is here.

However, if you are only eye-minded God’s vision is completely obscured and you are still standing in the middle of the trees. Life is passing you by and you still don’t know why you are here. You might wonder; how can a person be reborn while living in the same body of flesh. Yes, such things are impossible to man but very common to God. The question becomes, who do you believe? What do you believe? Do you believe in only what the eyes reveal or do you believe in the One that made the eyes for you to use?

I shouldn’t make light of a complicated subject but such things are very difficult to those who have not been properly introduced to God. You can’t even begin to understand what it means to trust in things that you cannot see or phantom the power of the living God. As in the lyrics to the song Amazing Grace, “I once blind but now I see, was lost but now I’m found.” We all come out of the womb blind and lost. Do you want to see what God sees? God alone has the power to open that door but you must ask before it can happen. Or, you can just remain eye-minded. Mirror, mirror on the wall… Selah!