Tell it like it is

Most of us enjoy being entertained by things that touch the nerves that excites our erogenous zones. I don’t mean this in a purely sexual manner, but there are sensory nerves in us that compel us to want more of things that simply make us feel good. It could be sex, food, drugs, alcohol or many things that we can’t seem to get enough of. We become addicted to things we crave that make us feel a certain way… not all are good for us even though they may feel good to us.

Part of this is how we were designed. Another part is how our immediate environments indoctrinated us. The human mind and body are only vessels that can be used, in many ways, even in ways opposite each other. Take an ordinary drinking glass for example: You can fill it with pure clean drinking water or you can fill it with deadly poison. The glass is neither good nor bad but it is what is put in that glass that determines its nature. Likewise are the human body and especially the mind. What you put into it is how it will be identified… and how it usually operates.

If we are not vigilant about what we allow our minds to consume it is easy to fall into lethal death traps. I say this because there are certain things that could cause death of either the body, soul or spirit. If a child is fed too much negativity they might easily grow up to be all sorts of bad people. The power of evil can cause incarceration, injury, iniquity, injustice, insults, idolatry and the like. None of this is pleasing to God. These are the extremes but on a more subtle side there are things that cause a slower demise of your humanity such as addictions to substances and things that cause us to act immorally. It is like nectar to a honeybee, things that make us feel good can also cause our demise.

Venturing even deeper there are things that most pay very little attention to because they are hidden in plain sight. We assume some things must be okay because they’re common. In the long run such things can be even more destructive to the soul. Take for example the many innovative technological advancements: Look at the affects of the cellphone industry, the gaming industry, the entertainment industries and how they affect us. Our children appear to be addicted to their A.I. toys. We may not know for years how such things might negatively impact them causing a very slow and unpredictable demise of one’s soul, mind and body.

If we are not careful with such devices that both children and adults alike freely use, we could be slowly programming ourselves towards evil characteristics. In particular there appear to be a subtle trend in media programming using things that where once categorized as bad behaviors, but now they are being portrayed as heroic things. We cheer for the bad guys in movies now even though their characters are obviously heavily involved in very immoral activities.

Many of us cheered for the gangster characters in the movie about the Godfather or the new trend of fairytale stories about witches, warlocks, and the like. It is getting to the point that we are actually cheering for the characters portraying immoral behaviors and no longer pulling for those who are striving for godliness or righteousness. This is being done right out in plain sight yet we appear to be immune to its affects. In reality there is a war going on every second of every minute of every hour of every day between the forces of evil and the forces of righteousness. However, if you don’t realize that you are in a war its hard to win even one of its many battles.

As I am writing this essay I am watching a miniseries about a drug cartel using primarily minority actors who are portraying lovable characters that are doing very bad things. Ultimately you end up cheering for these lovable characters. But in reality these characters are killing, selling illegal drugs, betraying and backstabbing each other and even worse. No one really seems to care that the show is painting a very dark and evil picture about people of color. It is so cleverly done that the audience will never know that they are being told that this is how minorities behave. It appeals to the audience by making us feel good about bad behaviors. Is this intentional? It sells tickets so apparently the unintentional consequence of promoting evil doesn’t matter.

On the real side the enemy is giving consumers a pretty rose while stabbing them in the face… not in the back like backstabbers. Audiences are actually worshipping evil and the consequences will not become apparent until they are already captured in the jaws of evil. But who cares as long as you were thrilled by its trickery all the way down. The spider spun a very attractive web and the prey did not see it until they were caught in its grab.

There is an alarming trend of similar programming that corrupts the mind using our pleasure sensors. You don’t even realize that you are being bamboozled because you only sensed the tickling of your erogenous nerve center, while the enemy is methodically winning every battle of the war. He is impeccable with his schemes making you feel good while separating you from your Creator. Most never see it coming.

It is because of such trickery that scripture tells us to put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."Ephesians 6: 11-12

Let those who have eyes clearly see before it is too late to take a stand for righteousness sake. If not for yourself, do it for your children. Just telling it like it is…