Set my spirit free dear Lord

Speak to me my dear Lord

My eternal soul cries out to you.

It yearns for the embrace of its maker

For it knows not what else to do.


Being found is a strange wonder

Trapped in a body of living flesh

Far, far from the heavenly kingdom

Awaiting mortality to return back to dust.


Does the body even know why we’re here?

And that we were sent here on a divine mission?

The soul has much to learn in a mere lifetime

As it feasts upon a buffet of life’s nutrition.


Father, please awaken this mortal’s mind,

That it might receive your righteous commands.

Help it resist the temptations from its sinful nature

So this being may live according to your demands.


You sent your immortal souls down here on earth

To feel laughter, to cry, to know joy, and to love.

Such attributes could only gained in a body of flesh

And attached to the soul as it returns to the heavens above.


Though my soul cries out and makes such a fuss,

It understand that this phase is absolutely necessary

From the day it was born on earth and given a name

Until the day it dies, what will be written in its obituary?


Will they say this was a person who loved and respected God?

Was poor in spirit, mournful, meek and thirsty for righteousness?

Was also merciful, a peacemakers, or persecuted for righteous sake?

Did they stand by you as others reviled, persecuted them for goodness?


Even though absent the body for believers means present with the Lord,

Not all souls will pass the test from which they were sent on this chore.

Thou those whom God called may receive the eternal inheritance

God has awakened you, don’t you want to awaken even more.


Father, I implore you, set my soul free from the self and make it more like Christ,

Who being God… emptied Himself, taking on the form of a slave, became humbled.

For if I am to live in the flesh, make it obedient to Your Spirit to serve Your divine will.

Set my spirit free to serve You my dear Lord, Savior and Heavenly Father.