A Restless Soul

A Restless Soul

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,

Something is tormenting my soul.

I turn to the great prophets for meaning,

But all that I learned was of the sins of old.


What must I do oh Lord to draw near you,

No matter which way I turn a wall is there.

At times it seems that Your Glory magnifies me,

But at others it feels like trying to catch thin air.


I am unworthy of Your great blessings;

My sins more numerous than I can number.

Even when I really try to act in righteous ways,

Something always comes along to make me stumble.


Is there no hope for one like me in Your kingdom?

Was I already doomed to hell even before I was born?

It seems that this world was never the right fit for me,

It rejected me from before my mother’s womb I was torn.


Your Spirit seems to be agitated with my sinful ways,

I know that I do wrong but sin will not leave me alone.

Why torment me at all if my fate has already been set,

I feel like a wayfaring child that has no hope to return home.


I try to find solace in the pages of your written word,

But history reveals reflections of countless sinners like me.

Are there any mortal men born of woman worthy of your grace?

Why give us a breath of hope if we are all doomed for sin’s destiny.


Is there any hope for the unrighteous to ever know the Lord?

Even though all things made came through His hands?

Life was in Him in the beginning, and the life was the light of man,

Twas He who made all people, then scattered them throughout the lands.


Although it appears that so many turned their backs on the Most High,

Perhaps there is yet another plan He has for us to prosper if we’d only cry out.

Dear Lord, forgive my many transgressions: I am a sinner in need of saving.

Could my cry out to the Lord be the reason this torment was all about?


For the Spirit of the Lord is still upon me, and protecting me from me,

He knew that I could not do this alone; He knew that before He formed me.

Oh what a great God we have, Father of our Lord, He is the one that formed me!

Thank You Father, Thank You Christ Jesus, and Thank You Holy Spirit

for protecting a restless soul like me…